Attractions - Tibet, Three Gorges & Chongqing

  • Shuangguitang Temple was first built in 1653 in Qing Dynasty. The temple is well furnished with facilities for Buddhist rites and is rich in ...Read more >>

  • Simian Mountain, a state grade scenic area, is full of forests and rare plants. There are more than 100 great-looking waterfalls, such as ...Read more >>

  • Stilwell Museum, Chongqing's cultural relic reserve unit, exhibits the historical materials, data and pictures concerning General Stilwell ...Read more >>

  • Tashilhunpo Monastery, located at the foot of the Drolmari, is the largest Gelugpa Buddhism monastery in back Tibet area and the seat of the ...Read more >>

  • Three Gorges Dam is the key water control project of the Three Gorges. It is also called a new construction wonder of Three Gorges. It is ...Read more >>

  • Three Gorges Museum, the symbol of Chongqing, is a cultural and educational organization for the protection, research and presentation of ...Read more >>

  • Three Natural Bridges, a UNESCO World Heritage Site located about 12 kilometers north of Wulong in Chongqing Municipality, consists of three ...Read more >>

  • Three Visitors Cave, located 7 kilometers northwest of Yichang, is a famous attraction, historical resort and one of the key cultural relic ...Read more >>

  • Tongjing Hot Spring, one of the "12 Famous Scenic Spots of Chongqing", is known as the "Best Spring of Southwest China". There are hot ...Read more >>

  • Wansheng Stone Forest, the second largest of its kind in China, is 21 kilometers southwest of the urban area of Wansheng County. It is also ...Read more >>

Attractions - Tibet, Three Gorges & Chongqing