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Tongjing Hot Spring

Tongjing Hot Spring

Tongjing Hot Spring - Brief Introduction

Tongjing Hot Spring is one of the "12 Famous Scenic Spots of Chongqing". Here the scenic spots of hills, water, bamboo, fountains, caves, gorges, hilltop pools and ancient castles are all combined, as a whole, the springs and gorges are espeically well known.

The "Small Three-Gorges" on Wentang River, deep, quiet, precipitous, graceful and special, has both hot spring and cold spring. Tempreture of hot springs is as high as 62 and daily amount of water gushing reaches 28,000 tons, which may be noted as the "Best Spring of Southwest China".

The Tongjing scenic area is located on the Yulin River in Yubei District, 65 kilometers from the central part of Chongqing. The area, covering an area of over 10 square kilometers, is noted for such tourist attractions as hot springs, valleys, and limestone caves, an ideal place for a one-day tour.

Tongjing Hot Spring - Hot Springs

There are 16 hot springs here, most of which are new springs formed during the 1990 earthquake. The average tempreture of the water from the spring is 31 to 49 degree Celsius, and the highest tempreture may reach 62 degrees. The volume of daily flow can reach 28,000 tons. The Hot Spring City situated among verdant hills and limip streams contains 18 suites with hot spring baths and a swimming pool of 1,200 square meters.

Tongjing Hot Spring - Small Three Gorges

The Wentang River that snakes its way of five kilometers through the area forms three gorges, the Wentang, the Tongjing and the Laoying, which is also known as The Small Three Gorges. The scenery here is so beautiful that it is called by some scholars the Wuling Fairy Land, after a legend about a fisherman from Wuling who discovered a fairy land previously unknown to the outside world. It takes a boat trip of a little more than 40 minutes to go through the valley and reach the cave area, where the traveler can explore the limestone caves or enjoy a meal at a local farmer hous.

Tongjing Hot Spring - Caves

There are over 70 caves, the most famous ones include the Lower Ganying Cave, the Upper Ganying Cave, the Yangjia Cave and the Monkey Cave. The Lower Ganying Cave is more than 400 meters long, tall and spacious inside, with an underground river tricking its way throuhgh. The Monkey cave is more than 2,000 meters long, with a stone forest of many limestone columns.