Attractions - Tibet, Three Gorges & Chongqing

  • Huguang Guild Hall, built in Qing Dynasty, consistis of Guangdong Hall, Jiangnan Hall, Lianghu Hall, Jiangxi Hall and four theaters. Reliefs ...Read more >>

  • Jinfo Mountain is a national grade scenic area of Chongqing. It is a fantastic combination of mountains, rivers, forests, springs and caves, ...Read more >>

  • Jinyun Mountain, located in the northern part of Beibei district, there are nine peaks standing alone in the mountain from north to south. ...Read more >>

  • Jiuwan Stream, located at Zigui County, extends 42.3 kilometers. With beautiful hills on both banks and well preserved ecological system, it ...Read more >>

  • Jokhang Temple in the center of old Lhasa City is a sovereign Tibetan Buddhism temple, famous for long history, special layout and ...Read more >>

  • Lesser Three Gorges consists of Longmen Gorge, Bawu Gorge and Dicui Gorge, extending 60 kilometers. It combines natural and cultural ...Read more >>

  • Mount Everest at the boarder of People's Republic of China and Nepal, is the highest mountain on earth with a height of 8844.43 meters. Its ...Read more >>

  • Namtso Lake, 100 kilometers south of Lhasa, is the Heavenly Lake in Tibet and the highest saltwater lake in the world with a beautiful ...Read more >>

  • Nanshan Mountain, located at Nan'an district of Chongqing, is called the Lungs of the Mountain City. The scenic spots of Nanshan include ...Read more >>

  • Norbulingka, in western suburb of Lhasa, is called the Summer Palace of Lhasa. It's the summer residence and office for successive Dalai ...Read more >>

Attractions - Tibet, Three Gorges & Chongqing