Attractions - Tibet, Three Gorges & Chongqing

  • North Hot Spring has a long history of 1600 years and it is called the Home of China Hot Spring. It is also a masterpiece of Chinese ...Read more >>

  • People's Liberation Monument stands for peace and liberation. Nowadays, it has become the biggest business pedestrian street of southwestern ...Read more >>

  • The Potala Palace on the Hongshan Mountain northwest of Tibet's capital, Lhasa, was built by Songsten Gampo for Princess Wencheng in Tang ...Read more >>

  • Qinglong Waterfall, located at the central part of Wanzhou County, is one of the important scenic areas of Three Groges. It has abundant ...Read more >>

  • Qutang Gorge, starting from Baidicheng to Daxi County, is the most magnificent one of Three Gorges. There are many famous scenic spots, such ...Read more >>

  • Ramoche Temple is located 500 meters north from the Jokhang Temple and in the northwest Lhasa. It is famous for mysterious legend, long ...Read more >>

  • Sera Monastery at the south foot of Mountain Sera Utse is 3 kilometers away from northern suburb of Lhasa. Debating of Buddhist doctrine is ...Read more >>

  • Shennong Stream rises from the main peak of Shennong Jia and flows through Badong County. Visitors will become immersed in the wonders of ...Read more >>

  • Shennu Stream, a small stream between Qingshi Town and Feifeng Peak which extends 15 kilometers. There are not only graceful natural ...Read more >>

  • Shibaozhai, situated on the northern bank of Yangtze River, is one of the eight architectural miracles in the world. And its history and ...Read more >>

Attractions - Tibet, Three Gorges & Chongqing