Attractions - Tibet, Three Gorges & Chongqing

  • Drepung Monastery at the foot of Mountain Gambo Utse near Lhasa, is the supreme monastery in the Gelugpa of Tibetan Buddhism. It has a long ...Read more >>

  • Everest Base Camp is for protecting Mount Everest environment. Its viewing deck is a good site for enjoying Mount Everest, with decent board ...Read more >>

  • Fengdu Ghost City, called Home of The Chinese Divine Comedy is on the north bank of Yangtze. Mingshan Mountain, Shuanggui Mountain and Ghost ...Read more >>

  • The Fishing City, situated at Hechuan County of Chongqing, is called Mecca of the East and Where God broke his whip. There are many ...Read more >>

  • Furong Cave, located on Furong River 295 kilometers from Chongqing, is a karst limestone cave and also an underground palace of arts and a ...Read more >>

  • Goose Neck Park, located with the Yangtze to its south and Jialing to its north, presents the garden art of traditional Chinese style. There ...Read more >>

  • Hometown of Qu Yuan is on the northern bank of Yangtze between Wuxia Gorge and Xiling Gorge. There are many historical and cultural relics ...Read more >>

  • Hongyadong, located at the business center of Chongqing, has a long history and there are three big streets of it. The most characteristic ...Read more >>

  • Huangling Temple is a well preserved ancient temple which is in memory of Da Yu. It is a historical and cultural relic of Three Gorges area ...Read more >>

  • Huangshan Official Residence is in Nan’an District of Chongqing. It was the residence for Jiang Jieshi and the place for official business ...Read more >>

Attractions - Tibet, Three Gorges & Chongqing