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Three Gorges Museum

Three Gorges Museum

Introduction of Three Gorges Museum

China Three Gorges Meseum is a public cultural and educational organization for the protection, research and presentation of regional history heritage in Chongqing and Three Gorges. It is located to the west of Chongqing People's Grand Hall and there is Chongiqng People's Square with the area of 40,000 square meters. These three constructions form the symbol architectural complex of Chongqing. And Three Gorges Museum will be the symbol of Chongqing in 21st. century and a pearl inlayed at the heart of Chongqing.

Architecture Features of Three Gorges Museum

The main building of China Three Gorges Meseum is resplendent and magnificent. It is built against the mountain conforming to landforms and it also matches perfectly with the mountain. The entire building presents a garden-like view of the theme about mountains and water.

The overall layout of China Three Gorges Museum is based on the axis of People's Grand Hall and connects with People's Square. The exterior of the museum has cambered walls and vitreous dome, representing the historical culture of Three Gorges Project and its origins. In addition, there are large-scale reliefs, bronze sculptures and an "Ecological Corridor" that is one kilometer in length (about 1,094 yards).

Rich Collection of Three Gorges Museum

  • China Three Gorges Museum has another name - Chongqing Museum. It's not only a specified museum of Three Gorges but also a comprehensive museum of history and art,a collection of over 170,000 pieces of cultural relics.Entering the Museum, you could watch four basic presentation:
  • "The Splendid Three Gorges" - reflecting the history and culture of the Three Gorges
  • "Far-Ancient Ba Yu" - introducing the origination of the local history
  • "The Urban Development of Chongqing" - stating the transitional process of Chongqing
  • "Anti-Japanese Days" - telling the stories occurred in Anti-Japanese period
  • Moreover, there are other six specialized exhibitions:
  • "Paintings and Calligraphies in Different Historical Periods"
  • "The Currencies in Different Periods of China"
  • "the Sculpture in Han Dynasty"
  • "Cultural Relics Donated by Mr.Li Chuli"
  • "Minority Nationality Custom in Southwest China"
  • "Ceramics in Different Periods of China"

Other Facilities of Three Gorges Meseum

Besides, the museum has the Round - Screen Cinema that shows the natural scenery and daily life of the Three Gorges area before the construction of Three Gorges Dam, the Semi-Scene Picture of "Bombard in Chongqing" which represents the five years' continuing bombing in Chongqing as the temporary capital during World War II. The museum also equips an International Academic Hall, an Audience Acitivities Center and 3 temporary Exhibition Halls that enriching the functions for society service.