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Shennu Stream

Shennu Stream

Shennu (Goddess) Stream is a small stream between Qingshi Town and Feifeng Peak which extends 15 kilometers. Because of rapid waterflow and narrow waterway, 10 kilometers of the stream is rarely reached by human. As the water level rises after the completion of Three Gorges Dam, visitors can cruise into the secret and servene part of the stream. Graceful scenery and local people with original traditions appear in front of visitors.

12 Peaks of Wushan Mountain

Cruising on Shennu Stream, visitors can have a close watch of Twelve Peaks of Wushan Mountain, especially the Goddess Peak. The breathtaking scenery of Shennu Stream will lead visitors into another world, a world full of surprises and wonders. The stream zigzags through peaks, such as Cuiping Peak, Feifeng Peak, Qiyun Peak, Shangsheng Peak and Jingtan Peak. Visitors can view the gorge of gorges and the scene of scenes.

The Shennu Stream scenic area features in the elegance of Lesser Three Gorges and the magnificence of Three Gorges. The water of the stream has three wonders, Quiet, Limpid and Green.

Cultural Scenery of Shennu Stream

Two unique cultural sceneries were found several years ago, Wu Shan Yun and Wei Ren Peak. Visitors can see three big chinese characters, Wu Shan Yun (Wu Mountain Cloud), on the face of steep cliff far away. This calligraphy masterpiece are not written by human. They are carved on the cliff by nature. And visitors will find that the three characters are the same no matter you read from left or from right. Wei Ren (Great Man) Peak is situated at the end of the stream. It looks much like the founder of People's Republic of China, Chairman Mao Ze Dong.

Shennu Stream is the No.1 Stream of Wushan Mountain with its astonding sceneries. (More Details)