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Qinglong Waterfall

Qinglong Waterfall

Qinglong (Blue Dragon) Waterfall, located at the central part of Wanzhou County, is one of the important scenic areas of Three Groges.

Brief Introduction of Qinglong Waterfall

The entire scenic area of Qinglong Waterfall covers an area of 60.13 square kilometers. It is 12 kilometers long from south to north and 8 kilometers from east to west. There are four big reservoirs in the scenic area, Hongqi, Guanfeng, Jinzhugou and Liujiawan. The water resources are abundant in Qinglong Waterfall scenic area. The scenic area is made up of five parts, Qinglong Waterfall, Ganning Lake, Guanfeng Academy of Classical Learning (Shuyuan in Chinese) and Xiaoyao Mountain Villa. Visitors can go there for sightseeing all year round.

The geographic conditions of Qinglong Waterfall scenic area are complicated. The geographic sceneries vary a lot and Qinglong River goes through the entire area. With many mountain streams and steep cliffs, it is a must-go place for vistiors.

The area is situated at the subtropical zone and four seasons here differs from each other. There are many rare plant species, such as Camphor, Chinese redbud, Nanmu and adzuki.

Natural and Cultural Sceneries of Qinglong Waterfall

The core scenic spot, Qinglong Waterfall, is 115 meters wide and 64.5 meters high. Because it is 34 meters wider than Huangguoshu Waterfall in Guizhou Province, it is considered to be the No.1 waterfall in Asia. The water flows all year round with its thunder-like sound. The magnificence of the waterfall shocks every visitor who goes near to it. Visitors can also see a beautiful rainbow on sunny days. It makes the place seem to be fairy land of heaven. The scenic area also includes other scenic spots, such as Qinglong Cave, Shuiliandong and so on. There are also some other cultural relics, such as General Ganning's Hometown of Three Kingdom Period, the Former Residence of He Qifang, a famous poet. (More Details)