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Shennong Stream

Shennong Stream

On the border between Wuxia Gorge and Xiling Gorge is the Shennong Stream, extendging 60 kilometers. Taking its rise from the main peak of Shennong Jia (the first peak in the center of China) and flowing through Badong County, the stream ultimately flows into the Yangtze River via the Wuxia Gorge. Cruising along the stream by boat, visitors will become immersed in the wonders of zigzagging watercourses, the primitive environment, the canzonet by the boat tracker, and the mysterious culture along the banks.

Unique Sceneries of Shennong Stream

Along with the grandeur, elegance and danger of the Yangtze River, the Shennong Stream has its own unique scenery. It has three natural gorges - Mianzhu Gorge, Yingwu Gorge and Longchang Gorge - and each has unique characteristics.

Mianzhu Gorge of Shennong Stream

Among the three gorges, Mianzhu Gorge is renowned for its danger. The riverbed is not only narrow, but also falls steeply. Over 30 dangerous shoals will challenge everyone along the 2.5-mile route. As you drift along this section, your heart will beat heavily, even as you feel reassured as to your safety by the skilled boatmen. Stalactites hang on both sides of the bank; be sure not to miss this scenery.

Yinwu Gorge of Shennong Stream

Yingwu Gorge is noted for its elegance. The evergreen vegetation along the banks remains beautiful during the whole year. Here, a gorge with flowers that blossom in all seasons and a fountain of three colors, called Three-color Fountain can be admired. The largest karst cave of Shennong Stream also lies within this section.

Longchang Gorge of Shennong Stream

The last gorge of Shennong Stream is Longchang Gorge. The gorge is only 20 meters wide. Steep cliffs stand in water facing each other. It is said to be as magnificent as Kuimen in Qutang Gorge. And there are also cultural landscapes – Suspending Coffins and Ancient Plank Road. Visitors can clearly see the coffins while sailing on the stream.

Animals and Plants of Shennong Stream

There are many rare animals inhabited in the primeval forest at the source of Shennong Stream, including flying squirrels, golden monkeys, Serows, white snakes, white goats and white pheasants. Valuable plants can also found here, such as Wintersweet, Chinese Narsissus, Cotton Rose, Emmenopterys and so on.

Sampan of Shennong Stream

With crystal clear steam flows swiftly from north to south through deep gorges, a sampan tour will allow you to experience a speedy adventure along this newly opened unspoiled river.

Drifting along the Shennong Stream in small open sampans (called 'peapod boats' by the locals) is the unique method for viewing the natural scenery, the ancient village and the flavor of Tujia (the local ethnic minority). Before you take the sampan, an environmental protection boat will first take you to admire the marvelous scenery. Then you will change to the sampan (14 yards long and two yards wide), which holds ten visitors at a time, to experience another kind of feeling.

One sampan is usually steered by six boatmen who are local peasants. While appreciating the natural beauty and historic sights along the two banks, you can hear the songs from the rowers as they row the boat. When reaching the shallow-stream places, they will paddle in the swift-flowing stream to tow the boat upstream by the rope. This scene has made the drift a unique one compared to other stream drifts.

It is sure that the serene natural beauty, the local Tujia flavor, the brave boat trackers, and historic relics will make the trip a memorable one.

Unique Ba Culture of Shennong Stream

Shennong Stream, the hometown of ancient Ba people, gives birth to Ba culture with unique characters. In ancient times, the ancestor of Ba people leads the tribe to arrive at Dayi City, where the State of Ba was established, by conquering dangerous rapids and rivers. The plank road built on both cliff is the wonder that Ba people created with their own hands and wisdom. Today, the Tujia people, living at Shennong Stream, are the descendants of Ba people. (Detail about the Legend and Culture of Shennong Stream)