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Nanshan Mountain

Nanshan Mountain

Introduction of Nanshan Mountain

There is a place in the suburb of Chongqing. It is elegant and quiet, graceful and beautiful. Trees and flowers compete with each other for beauty of looks. It is Nanshan Mountain, called "The Lungs of the Mountain City".

Nanshan Mountain, located at Nan'an district of Chongqing, is from Tongluo(Gong) Gorge to Jinzhu (Gold Bamboo) Gully. It includes Wangshan Mountain, Huangshan Mountain, Yuanshan Mountain, Jiangshan Mountain, Laojun Mountain and Wenfeng Mountain. It covers a area of 2,500 hectares and is 400 meters above sea level. Visitors can watch mountain, water, forest, spring, waterfall, gorge and flowers. And there are many religious buildings, including Buddhism, Taoism, Christian, Catholicism and Islamism. And remains of Wartime Capital also can be found here.

Scenic Spots of Nanshan Mountain

There are many attractive scenic spots on Nanshan Mountain.

Nanshan Park

Nanshan Park, situated on Wangshan Mountain, has many famous flowers and plants. There are over 100 types of azalea and camellia; dozens of types of sweet osmanthus; cedar of the Himalayas; cinchona of Southeast Asia; cherry of Japan and marigold of Mexico. Four seasons are full of flowers in Nanshan Park.

Huangshan Mountain

There are villas and houses built in Wartime Capital Period on Huangshan Mountain, including Yunxiu House of Jiang Jieshi, the Hall of Pines of Song Meiling (the wife of Jiang), Cao Pavilion of General Marshall and the Lianqing House where US consultants used to live.

Tushan Temple

Tushan Temple, located on Tushan Mountain, is the oldest temple remained in China. It is also called Zunwu Temple because the statue of Sage Zunwu is worshiped here. The history of Tushan Temple is too long for us to get the record. There are 8 halls and 100 rooms in this old temple. It covers a area of 10,000 square meters. The statues of Sakyamuni and the Sage Zunwu are worshiped in the main hall. It is considered to be a temple which combines Buddhism and Taoism harmoniously.

Nanshan Rock Carvings

Nanshan Rock Carvings is mainly about Taoism. There are three tablets, four grottoes and eleven inscriptions.

The most famous statues are Sanqing Cave and Dragon Cave. So-called Sanqing means three Taoist gods live in heaven.

Dragon Cave

There is a stone dragon carved in Dragon Cave. The dragon has no horns and look up toward sky. The dragon seems to fly to the sky. The pattern of the carving is exquisite. The carving methods include relief and piercing which make the dragon vivid.

Golden Eagle Park

Golden Eagle Park, situated among the peaks of Nanshan Mountain, is the key attraction of Nanshan Mountain. It has become a symbol building of Chongqing. The Golded Eagle is about 50 meters high and in the weight of 1,000 tons. The entire eagle is covered with gold foil. It stands at the highest place of Nanshan Mountain and looks brightly golden under the sunshine. Visitors can get to the head of the eagle to have a birdview of Chongqing. It is also said to be the highest viewing site of Chongqing.

Yi Ke Shu Sightseeing Platform

Yi Ke Shu (One Single Tree) Sightseeing Platform was built and open in 1997. A Sightseeing tower was built above the platform in 2003. Chongqing is famous for mountains, hot pot and night scene. The best place to view the night scene is Yi Ke Shu Sightseeing Platform. Standing on the platform, visitors can watch the entire Chao Tianmen Pier in colorful lights and a beautiful view of the Yuzhong peninsula.