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Fishing City

Fishing City

Origin of Fishing City

The Fishing City is located in Hechuan county, 40 kilometers from Chongqing. Established in 1242, or the 2nd year of the Chunyou reign of the Southern Song (about 1100-1279). Fishing City covers 2.5 square kilometers up to the Fishing Mountain on the southern shore of the Jialing River in Heyang Town. A tale says that a giant god used to do fishing here to solve the starvation of local people. That is how this place got its name.

History of Fishing City

The Fishing City was built on steep hill and surrounded by Jiangling River, Fu River and Qu River. The city gate and the walls are firm and solid. It is an impregnable military bastion.

It is famous for its resistance to the Mongol armies in the latter half of the Song Dynasty in Feb,1259. The resistance is called Fishing City War. One of the most notable events was the death of Mongol leader Mongke Khan by cannon shot, which forced the immediate withdrawal of Mongol troops from Europe and Asia and prevented the Mongolian Empire from expanding towards Africa and Western Europe in July,1259.The Song army mounted a valiant counterattack that lasted 36 years and made world war history by rebuffing a strong enemy with a weak force. This prompted some European historians to laud Fishing Town as the "Mecca of the East" and "Where God broke his whip".

Scenic Spots of Fishing City

The remains of the ancient battlefield at Fishing City are well preserved. The scenic spots are City Gate, City Walls, Royal Palace, Wudao Government Office, Naval Wharf and infantryman's Barracks. And there are also many cultural landscapes, including Fishing Terrace, Huguo (Protecting Nation) Temple, Hanging Buddha Temple, Qianfo Grotto, Imperial Cave, Tianquan Cave and Feiyan Cave. (Detail)

The Fishing City, which changes the history of China and the world, has become a pearl along Jialing River.