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Two-day Tour of Wulong Karst

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Group TourDuration: 2 Day Print
Feature: Having a 2-day journey to Xiannu Mountain National Forest Park which is called Eastern Switzerland, Three Natural Bridges (an environmental scenic area) and Furong Cave, an underground art palace.
Two-day Tour of Wulong Karst

Two-day Tour of Wulong KarstPrice

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Price Details:

  • Adult: $250 p/p.
  • Child: $200 p/p.
  • Traffic: Air-conditoned bus. Bus type depends on the number of visitors.
    Accommodation: Standard room (TV, private toilet, if the visitor is single male or single female, we will try our best to arrange standard room with 3 single beds, adding bed or visitor will pay for the single supplement).
    Meal: 1 Breakfast, 2 lunches, 1 dinner (Table size: 9-11 persons, Meal with local flavor: 8 dishes and 1 soup, drink is not included).
    Entrance fee: includes Furong Cave, Xiannu Mountain and Three Natural Bridges; No entrance fee for children under 1.2m, but the children must be accompanied by adult. (Because the preferential policy of scenic areas differs, the final interpretation of preferential policy belongs to different scenic areas. We will refund the fare which does not happen)
    Tourist guide: Professional Chinese-speaking guide service
    Insurance: Free
    Child Price: includes bus seat, meals and tourist guide service; excludes entrance fee and bed. Extra charges should be paid by visitors.
  • Bus change fare of Three Natural Bridges: 40RMB/person
    Extra charges such as, entrance fee of Earth Crack and roast mutton.
    One shop: Xianshan Farm (about 20 minutes) or Knife Exhibition Center (about 30 minutes)

Two-day Tour of Wulong KarstItinerary

  • Chongqing--Wulong

    Meal: L/D
    Accommodation: Standard Room
    Xiannu Mountain National Forest Park which is called Eastern Switzerland. It is famous for unique alpine grassland and snowy view which is rarely seen in South China. Three Natural Bridges is rare geological environmental scenic area. Furong Cave, a national AAAA scenic area and World Natural Heritage, is an underground art palace and cave scientific museum.

    07:30am  Gather around in Chongqing proper (time and locatin are based on tourist guide’s notification). Take bus to Wulong County (about 2 hours).
    Then, visit Furong Cave in Jiangkou Town. Furong Cave is the most beautiful cave in China, underground art palace and one of the World Natural Relics (about 2 hours). Visitors can choose to participate in exciting River Strop (at visitors’ own cost, 50RMB/round).
    Have lunch and take bus to the hillside of Xiannu Mountain (1.5 hours) to visit Three Natural Bridges. Three Natural Bridges is the only scene shot place of the film Curse of the Golden Flower directed by Zhang Yimou, a national AAAA scenic area, the biggest natural bridges in the world and the second biggest giant dolines in the world. Thus, it is enlisted World Natural Relics. You can visit the film shooting site and the ancient post of Tang Dynasty to feel the magnificence of Three Natural Bridges and Two Giant Dolines. (It takes about 2.5 hours. Visitors need to change bus at Xiannu Town. Fare is 40RMB/person)
    Return to the hotel at the top of Xiannu Mountain or the hillside of the mountain. Visitors can have roast mutton at their own cost. (Optional recreation: Party)
    Day 1
  • Forong Cave, Three Natural Bridges,Xiannv Mountain

    Meal: B/L
    Accommodation: None
    Visit Xiannu Mountain after breakfast. Have a walk on the natural pasture to take photoes as you wish. The land is covered with a giant carpet of green grass dotted with flowers and flocks of sheep. And there are also some optional recreations for you, such as grass skiing, horse riding, kart race and so on.
    Go to Xianshan Farm after lunch (about 20minutes). Visitors can choose to purchase local products, such as Stewed Beef with Soy Sauce, Dried Fish of Furong River, Yangjiao Dry Soybean Curd and so on. Or go to special knife exhibition center to purchase high-tech steel knife.
    Then, visitors can choose to visit Longshuixia Earth Crack at visitors’ own cost (entrance fee: 50RMB/person, bus change fare: 35RMB/person). This area is beautiful and servene. There are waterfalls, stream, gorge and green plants. It seems to be going through the time tunnel.
    Visitors can also choose to participate in Gorge Drifting at Huangbodu at visitors’ own cost (70RMB/person). It takes about 2 hours. Drifting time depends on water flow or number of visitors. (Optional scenic spots depend on time and the discussion of all group members. It is decided if half visitors vote for it.)

    The intinerary and traffic mentioned above is for reference. Final comfirmation is based on the signed contract.
    Day 2
  • The intinerary and traffic mentioned above is for reference. Final comfirmation is based on the contract.

Two-day Tour of Wulong KarstNote

1 The number of visitors in group tour varys. Thus, the bus identification number and tourist guide phone number are
   decided a little bit late, but the bus identification number and tourist guide phone number will be notified by the guide
   on the day before the tour starts. If visitors do not receive the call from guide after 8:30pm, please contact us as soon
   as possible. Thanks!
2 We reserve the right to adjust the order of itinerary and accommodation. But scenic spots won’t be affected.
3 The increased mileage due to schedule delay or returning caused by force majeure events should be paid by
4 The time mentioned in the itinerary above is based on normal situation and does not include the waiting time of
   bus change. It is not also fit for high season or national holidays of China.
5 Tourist guide will refund the entrance fee if visitors can not enter Xiannu Mountain Furong Cave or Three Natural
   Bridges because of rainstorm or other reasons.
6 Please understand that accommodation and cuisine conditions in Wulong are different from big cities.
7 Because the tempreture difference of daytime and night in the scenic area is big, please bring enough clothes;
   please bring your personal toilet articles.
8 Please do not smoke in the scenic area
9 If accidents happen during trip, please notify tourist guide in order to dress the wound as soon as possible. And
   the visitor who buys insurance needs to contact us as soon as possible in order to handle the issues of insurance
   claim and compensation. If visitor does not contact guide or us in time, we consider that visitor gives up the right to
   claim compensation.
10 Please prepare mosquito repellents
11 Please comply with the schedule strictly. Do not tarry at the scenic spot. And please keep your communication
12 Meal is not included in itinerary. Please be cautious to take part in thrilling or challenging high-risk activities.
     Visitors  should bear their own consequences.


  1. We will go to the shops specified in itinerary. Visitors are free to choose to go inside or not. Shopping will take some time. Visitors who do not go shopping can take a break outside. Please forgive us that driver and tourist guide can not provide services during shopping.
  2. The optional scenic spots in itinerary and charged recreations are not compulsory. Visitors who don’t want to participate can take a break outside.
  3. Schedule and sightseeing time mentioned above are for reference. Details depends on the actual sightseeing situation.
  4. Please complete the local survey accurately, otherwise any complaint will not be handled.
  5. The pick-up and drop-off service mentioned in itinerary is only fit for the visitors who is accommodated in Chongqing proper.
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