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One-day Tour of Dazu Grottoes

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Group TourDuration: 1 Day Print
Attractions: Dazu Grottoes
Feature: One-day Tour of Dazu Grottoes is a selected route of Chongqing Tour. Group departs everyday.
Dazu Grottoes is one of the World Cultural Heritages. It represents the grotto art during ..Read more
One-day Tour of Dazu Grottoes

One-day Tour of Dazu GrottoesPrice

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Price Details:

  • Adult: $250 p/p.
  • Child: $200 p/p.
  • Traffic: Air-conditoned bus. Bus type depends on the number of visitors.
    Meal: Chinese Meal Standard: 10 persons per table, 8 dishes and 1 soup.
    Entrance fee: Baoding Mountain Carving
    Tourist Guide: Professional Chinese guide service
  • Optional electromobile ticket from parking lot of Baoding to the gate of Baoding, 3RMB/person. Walking takes 10 minutes.

One-day Tour of Dazu GrottoesItinerary

  • Chongqing

    Meal: Lunch
    Accommodation: None
    Driver picks up visitors in Chongqing proper (Jiangbei, Nan’an, Shapingba, Yangjiaping and Shiqiaopu)
    Then go to Dazu County by bus (about 2.5 hours),visiting Fozu (Buddha) Temple (about 40 min.). This temple, built in 855 during Tang  Dynasty, was located at Baoding Town of Dazu County. According to historical record, it covered 397 acres with halls and hundreds of monks. There was a famous accomplished monk doing practice in Fozu Temple. Because of his devotion and charitable and pious deeds, he was appraised as the bishop of Mi Sect of Buddhism.
    As an important part of Dazu Grottoes, it has elegant and serene environment. The sculptures of Smiling Buddha and Three Sages of Huayan are novel in shape and exquisite in carving. They are full of excellent carving skills and elaborate art values. As a result, the temple has become a sacred place for foreign and Chinese buddhists.

    Visit Baoding Mountain Carving of Dazu, one of the World Cultural Relics (about 1.5-2 hours). It was built during Southern Song Dynasty. Buddhist sculptures and statues are carved on the face of cliff which is 500 meters long. The most famous ones are Six Transmigrations, Guang Da Bao Lou Ge (Vast Treasure Tower), The Statues of Two Sages of Huayan and Thousand-hand Goddess Guanyin. It is an art treasure which combines Buddhism, Confucianism and Taoism.
    Then, go to visit the most famous enterprise of Dazu County---Bai Si Te Knife Exhibition Center. It is a national industrial tour model enterprise. Its products are imported to Europe. (about 30 min.)
    Return to Chongqing proper by bus.
    Dismiss in Chongqing proper.
    Day 1
  • The intinerary and traffic mentioned above is for reference. Final comfirmation is based on the contract.

One-day Tour of Dazu GrottoesNote

1、Your guide and driver will pick up the visitors hotel by hotel in Chongqing proper. Thus, some visitors may wait for a
      longer time, especially in high season. Please forgive us!
2、One-day Tour of Dazu Grottoes has a longer bus time. The single trip takes about 2.5 hours. We are reminding visitors
      who don’t feel like taking bus of doing preparations of bus time.
3、This tour does not provide drop-off service.


  1. We will go to the shops specified in itinerary. Visitors are free to choose to go inside or not. Shopping will take some time. Visitors who do not go shopping can take a break outside. Please forgive us that driver and tourist guide can not provide services during shopping.
  2. The optional scenic spots in itinerary and charged recreations are not compulsory. Visitors who don’t want to participate can take a break outside.
  3. Schedule and sightseeing time mentioned above are for reference. Details depends on the actual sightseeing situation.
  4. Please complete the local survey accurately, otherwise any complaint will not be handled.
  5. The pick-up and drop-off service mentioned in itinerary is only fit for the visitors who is accommodated in Chongqing proper.
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