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Xiannu Mountain

Xiannu Mountain

Brief Introduction

The Xiannu Mountain (Fairy Maiden Mountain), a national geological park and a state-level forest park is 35 kilometers from the county seat of Wulong and it is called Eastern Switzerland. It is famous for unique alpine grassland and snowy view which is rarely seen in South China.

The mountain is so named because the peak on the mountain looks like a dancing fairy maiden. Averaging 1,900 meters above sea level, the mountain reaches 2,033 meters above sea level at the summit of its highest peak. But on the mountain slopes, except a few low-lying hills, lies a vast expanse of natural pasture of more than 140,000 mu.

Standing in a "giant natural oxygen bar" made up of a 330,000-mu forest and a 140,000-mu pasture, a slight coolness penetrates visitors' skin upon arrival and taking a deep breath of the fresh pastures. Horse riding, arrow shooting, kite flying, karting, SUV driving, paragliding and grass skiing are among just some of the many activities on offer that comprise the melody of daily life on this extensive patch of grassland.

Winter in Xiannu Mountain

The snowy view of Xiannu Mountain is famous among visitors. In winter, when average daily temperature is below zero, the boundless forests and vast grasslands are blanketed by snow, which offer a holy and lucid perspective of the whiteness of the snow and its effect on the mountains. Pine trees covered with snow crystals and frozen waterfalls draw huge appeal from visitors. At this time each year, Xiannu Mountain genuinely becomes the premier tourist resort for sports and leisure in this area. The first Immense Forests and Vast Grasslands Tourism Festival held in Wulong Xiannu Mountain gives winter tourists in Chongqing the opportunity to appreciate the enduring glamour and thrilling romance of winter sports without needing to travel too far.

In wintertime, Xiannu Mountain is wrapped with beautiful white snow, making for excellent grass skating, snow gazing and lamb roasting conditions on the snowfields. Drinking in the wind is also an interesting and fun experience.

Summer in Xiannu Mountain

In summertime, the park's climate is moist and pleasant, when the wind is low, the vast forest becomes cool and refreshing, making it the perfect destination for recreation, holidays and escaping the summer heat. The mountain grasslands are the main attraction in the area, due to its graceful and alluring views and western-European pastoral features, which have earned it a reputation among tourists as "the prairie park" and "south China's no.1 pasture".