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One-day Tour of Black Valley (Ecological Scenic Area)

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Group TourDuration: 1 Day Print
Attractions: Black Valley
Feature: One-day Tour of Black Valley is the shortest route in the field of time. And it is a good choice for leisure travel. Black Valley is a National AAAA Scenic Area with waterfalls, forests and streams.
One-day Tour of Black Valley

One-day Tour of Black Valley Price

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Price Details:

  • Adult: $250 p/p.
  • Child: $200 p/p.
  • Traffic: Air-conditoned bus (Bus type depends on the number of visitors).
    Entrance fee: Ticket of Black Valley
    Tourist guide: Excellent Chinese-speaking guide service
    Children: Bus seat is included, entrance fee is not included. Other charges will be paid by visitors.
  • Optional charges: Electromobile Ticket (30RMB/person), Cableway (40RMB/person).

One-day Tour of Black Valley Itinerary

  • Chongqing

    Meal: None
    Accommodation: None
    Black Valley includes a 6-kilometer electromobile touring route, a 6-kilometer plank road and floating bridge and a 1-kilometer cableway touring route, is 13 kilometers long. There are green hills, crystal water, dense woods and servene valley. It is awarded as National AAAA Scenic Area.
    07:30am  Gather at Helong Statue of Lianglukou, close to Hilton Hotel in Yuzhong District.
    Then, take bus to Black Valley Ecological Scenic Area, which consists of valley, waterfalls, forests and streams. It takes about 4 to 5 hours.
              Visitors walk through the valley to enjoy astonding views. Ancient plank road can also be seen.
    04:00pm  Return to Chongqing proper.
    The intinerary and traffic mentioned above is for reference. Final comfirmation is based on the signed contract.
    Day 1
  • The intinerary and traffic mentioned above is for reference. Final comfirmation is based on the contract.

One-day Tour of Black Valley Note

1 We will reserve the right to modify the itinerary if force majeure events happen.
2 Because walking in Black Valley takes a long time, we advice visitors to put on light and skidproof flatties. The pontoon bridges and drawbridges are paved with wood planks, please be safe and do not shake it.
3 Please take care of your personal belongings during the trip.
4 In order to arrange the itinerary better, please do not change your bus seat.
5 The intinerary above is for reference. Detailed itinerary is based on the situation during the trip. But it does not affect the standards and scenic spots mentioned in itinerary.
6 According to the geological characteristics of the scenic area, circumstances below mignt happen: Pontoon bridges will be closed due to high water level; cableway will be forced outage due to fierce wind. We will refund the charges which are not generated if visitors can not enter scenic area in case of the special reasons mentioned before or force majeure events. But transportation fare can not be refunded.


  1. We will go to the shops specified in itinerary. Visitors are free to choose to go inside or not. Shopping will take some time. Visitors who do not go shopping can take a break outside. Please forgive us that driver and tourist guide can not provide services during shopping.
  2. The optional scenic spots in itinerary and charged recreations are not compulsory. Visitors who don’t want to participate can take a break outside.
  3. Schedule and sightseeing time mentioned above are for reference. Details depends on the actual sightseeing situation.
  4. Please complete the local survey accurately, otherwise any complaint will not be handled.
  5. The pick-up and drop-off service mentioned in itinerary is only fit for the visitors who is accommodated in Chongqing proper.
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