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Chongqing Black Valley

Chongqing Black Valley

Brief Introduction of Chongqing Black Valley

Chongqing Black Valley, situated in the town of Jingxing, is 20 kilometers from county seat of Wansheng. It is Ecological Scenic Area, which consists of valley, waterfalls, forests and streams. Within over 97% forest cover, it is called The Gene Bank of Chongqing and Guizhou by some experts. It is the biggest well preserved natural scenic area.

Chongqing Black Valley includes a 6-kilometer electromobile touring route, a 6-kilometer plank road and floating bridge and a 1-kilometer cableway touring route, is 13 kilometers long. There are green hills, crystal water, dense woods and servene valley. It is awarded as National AAAA Scenic Area.

Scenery of Chongqing Black Valley

There is a part of river valley from the gate of scenic area which is 40-50 meters wide, on both banks it is covered with green trees and flowers. But some parts are only 2 meters wide, such as Yutiao (Fish Jumping) Gorge, Yezhu (Wild Hog) Gorge and Houtiao (Monkey Jumping) Gorge. Visitors will experience challenging drawbridges and ponton bridges by walking through.

Giant Black Mountain Buddha, Yelang Princess Peak, Jiu Qu Hua Ping (Zigzagging Gallery), White Jade Guanyin, Stone Sword Peak, Stone Canopy, Hidden Buddha Cliff, Camel Walking to West, Hei Hou Ying Bin (Black Monkey Welcoming Guests), Flying Cloud Waterfall and Dragon Waterfall (Shen Long Pu) are attractive and make your trip wonderful and unforgetable.

Four Seasons of Chongqing Black Valley

The seasonal beauty of Chongqing Black Valley varys every season. In Spring, azalea, camellia and Chinese dove flowers open to welcom this living season. In Summer, mountains covered with green and limpid streams make this place the best resort. In Autumn, hills are dark green and forests are quiet and servene. In Winter, Chongqing Black Valley is cloudy and misty, like a shy goddess.