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One-day Hot Spring Tour

NO. MY794
Private TourDuration: 1 Day Print
Attractions: Tongjing Hot Spring
Feature: Enjoy hot spring with local characteristic, such as cold mineral spring. And visit Tongjing Scenic Area to view beautiful scenic spots, such as Tongjing Xiayuan, the best of Top 12 Sceneries of Bayu.
One-day Hot Spring Tour

One-day Hot Spring TourPrice

Adult :1 persons2 persons3-5 persons6-9 persons10+ persons
Child :1 persons2 persons3-5 persons6-9 persons10+ persons
Standard & Luxury
  • Your own driver at your pace and schedule
    Your own English guide service
    Entrance fee

  • Lunch/Dinner

One-day Hot Spring TourItinerary

  • Chongqing

    Meal: None
    Accommodation: None
    Chongqing is a famous Hot Spring City of China. One of the best is Tongjing Hot Spring. There are many natural hot springs, and also a cold mineral spring. It is the first ecological SPA combining cold spring and hot spring. There is also the largest Hot Spring Entertainment Center in Southwest China.
    Scenic Spots: Tongjing Xiayuan is the best of Top 12 Sceneries of Bayu, consisting of hill, water, forest, spring, valley, cave, waterfall, lake, island, ancient stockaded village and flock of eagles. It is also called Natural Museum.
    SPA: The cold spring is carbonic acid spring. The water is crystal and cool. Spring water comes out with innumerable bubbles like soda water. You will feel cool while you step in the cold spring pool, but warmth will go through your entire body after 2 minutes. It is good for your health and beauty.
    Take bus to Tongjing Hot Spring Tourist Area of Yubei District in the morning.
    Cruise through Tongjing Lesser Three Gorges to see green water and elegant hills (Cruising fare is not included).
    After lunch, go to the biggest ecological bath of China, Tongjing Hot Spring World. You will experience exotic amorous feelings in Luoyu Hall, Japanese Wood Tub Bath and Northern European Sauna. You will also enjoy comfortable hot springs, such as Guifei Flower Bath, Liangshan Wild Bath, Saiwai Sand Bath and Red Mansion Bath.
    Return to Chongqing proper in the afternoon.
    Day 1
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One-day Hot Spring TourNote

The intinerary and price mentioned above is for reference.
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Price of child excludes entrance fee. The ticket should be purchased based on the regulations of scenic area.
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