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Four-day Single Trip of Three Gorges Essence

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Group TourDuration: 4 Day Print
Feature: 4-day single trip of Three Gorges. Cruise through Three Gorges, the most beautiful gallery on Yangtze. Besides beautiful natural scenery, you can learn more about Three Gorges’ history and culture.
Four-day Single Trip of Three Gorges Essence

Four-day Single Trip of Three Gorges EssencePrice

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Price Details:

  • Adult: $250 p/p.
  • Child: $200 p/p.
  • Traffic: Round ticket of cruise ship
    Meal: Meal is not included.
    Accomodation: Cabins mentioned in contract as below,
                 First-class Cabin (Size: 2 persons, 2 single beds, private toilet, TV)
                 Second-class Cabin (Size: 4 persons, bunk bed, private toilet, TV)
                 Third-class Cabin (Size: 6-8 persons, bunk bed, private toilet, TV)
    Entrance fee: tickets for Zhang Fei Temple, Fengdu Ghost City, Three Gorges Dam
    Tourist guide: Guide service onboard
    Insurance: Free Travel Accident Injury Insurance
    Child price: Free for the children under 1.0m (not occupy bus seat and cabin bed);
    Price for the children of 1.0m to 1.4m includes bus ticket, excludes bed and the entrance fee of scenic spots.
    Price for the children above 1.4m is full price
  • Meal is not included (we advice visitors to prepare some food, but there are also packed meal and restaurant onboard)
    Optional excursion fare is not included.
    Other onboard charges and personal consumption.

Four-day Single Trip of Three Gorges EssenceItinerary

  • Chongqing

    Meal: None
    Accommodation: On Ship
    Three Gorges, the most beautiful gallery on Yangtze River, starts from Baidicheng (White Emperor City) to Nanjin Pass of Yichang. It consists of Qutang Gorge, Wuxia Gorge and Xiling Gorge, extending 193 kilometers. Visitors will enjoy themselves in the moved and magnificent view of Three Gorges.

    07:00pm  Boarding at Chaotianmen Port, Chongqing
    09:00pm  Ship departs Chongqing. Visitors can appreciate the bright and brilliant night scenes of Chongqing.
    Day 1
  • Three Gorges

    Meal: None
    Accommodation: On Ship
    07:00-10:00am  Shore excursion to Fengdu Ghost City (electromobile: 10RMB/person; cableway: 20RMB/person). Fengdu Ghost City is called “Home of The Chinese Divine Comedy”. It is an artistic treasury of local tradition and culture which is blended with Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism. Ghost City resembles the justice system of human society to build a strict nether world with the functions of arrestment, detainment, interrogation, judgement and education.
    09:00-10:30pm  Visit Zhang Fei Temple to enjoy its night scenes. The temple, verdant with ancient trees, consists of Jieyi Building, the main hall, the side hall, Wangyun Building, Zhufeng Building and the Peony Pavillion, with elegant courtyards connected by zigzagging paths. There is also a rich collection of historical cultural relics, with more than 360 stone tablets and stone carvings, 217 woodcut picture prints, calligraphic works and paintings done in the long history form the Han Dynasty to Ming and Qing Dynasty.
    Day 2
  • Three Gorges

    Meal: None
    Accommodation: On Ship
    06:30-09:00am  Optional shore excursion to Baidicheng (White Emperor City). Entrance fee is 90RMB/person. Liubei, emperor of State Shu, entrusted his sons to his prime minister Zhuge Liang at Yongan palace in the White Emperor’s City which makes the place famous. Visitors can also watch 73 ancient poem stone tablets, forming the East Forest of Stone Tablets and the West Forest of Stone Tablets. Cruise through Qutang Gorge, the first gorge of Yangtze River.
    12:00-05:00pm  Optional excursion to world famous Lesser Three Gorges by small boat (150RMB/person). Feel the greatness and the fresh air of the nature. Longmen Gorge, Bawu Gorge and Dicui Gorge make the entire beautiful scence of Lesser Three Gorges. There are colorful and varied peaks, floating clouds, crystal waterfalls and springs, secret caves on cliff and dense forest in Lesser Three Gorges. The unique gorge, combining natural and cultural sceneries, is a gold tourist route with a splendid and manificent view.
    10:00pm  Arrive at Jiuwan Stream.
    Day 3
  • Yichang

    Meal: None
    Accommodation: On Ship
    06:30-08:30am  Optional shore excursion to Jiuwan Stream (120RMB/person). And then, cruise through Xiling Gorge.
    10:00am  Arrive at Taipingxi Port to visit the greatest dam in the world, Three Gorges Dam (about 3.5 hours). Visit Tanziling and 185 Platform, and have a birdview of Yangtze River. Have a close watch of flood discharge and 5-level ship lock.
    02:30pm  Arrive at Yichang to dismiss.

    The intinerary and traffic mentioned above is for reference. Final comfirmation is based on the signed contract.
    Day 4
  • The intinerary and traffic mentioned above is for reference. Final comfirmation is based on the contract.

Four-day Single Trip of Three Gorges EssenceNote

1 Scenic spot interpreter is responsible for the reception and interpretation of shore excursion along Three Gorges.
2 We don’t arrange any shopping during the cruise.
3 Please comply with the gathering and boarding time written in the contract. Visitors should bear their own
   consequences if they miss the ship due to personal reasons.
4 In order to avoid losing contact, please bring the contacts of us or toursit guide.
5 If there happens an accident, please take medical treatment locally as soon as possible. If visitors give up
   medical treatment, they should bear their own consequences and responsibilities.
6 Complaints of visitors are based on the survey filled by visitors. Please fill up carefully. Otherwise, we should not
   handle any dispute and complaint due to false information filled in survey or empty survey. If visitors have any opinion
   about our service, please contact us as soon as possible in order to handle it in time. If visitors do not contact us in
   time, we will not handle the opinions.
7 The itinerary may change depending on river conditions.


  1. We will go to the shops specified in itinerary. Visitors are free to choose to go inside or not. Shopping will take some time. Visitors who do not go shopping can take a break outside. Please forgive us that driver and tourist guide can not provide services during shopping.
  2. The optional scenic spots in itinerary and charged recreations are not compulsory. Visitors who don’t want to participate can take a break outside.
  3. Schedule and sightseeing time mentioned above are for reference. Details depends on the actual sightseeing situation.
  4. Please complete the local survey accurately, otherwise any complaint will not be handled.
  5. The pick-up and drop-off service mentioned in itinerary is only fit for the visitors who is accommodated in Chongqing proper.
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