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Yangtze Cruise – Victoria Jenna

Victoria Jenna

The Victoria Jenna is a superior deluxe cruise which built under the belief of building the best cruise on the Yangtze River, even in the world. No natter the ship structure, function distribution, or the decoration on the ship, Victoria Jenna used super five-star standard, and introduced in six-star standard concept. It pays attention to the harmonious unit and interaction of mountain and people, ship and people, scenery and people. The Victoria Jenna was put into operation in September, 2009. It is the unique moving manor on the Yangtze River, and the largest, newest, most deluxe inland river cruise which concerning on foreign affairs.

Yangtze Cruise – Facilities on Victoria Jenna

On the Victoria Jenna, there are delicate and gorgeous five floors high rotating hall which facing with the river, the chic European style balcony in every guest house, top floor sunshine deck with wide view, four sightseeing elevators from the main deck to every floor, well-equipped internet bar which combines business and leisure together, meeting room with advance equipments, reading room with rich content, well-equipped SPA room and with thoughtful service, massage room, delicate decorated bar and multifunctional hall, fitness center with relax environment and new facilities, grand Dynasty Dining Hall, VIP Dining Hall where can order dishes, 24 hours clinic with high quality service, and the shopping center with various kinds of goods.

In the guest room of Victoria Jenna, there are 24-hour hot water, most advance overall bathroom, 24-hour satellite television and satellite telephone, safe deposit box, small refrigerator, house phone and central air-conditioner and so on.

Yangtze Cruise – Dining on Victoria Jenna

Due to passengers come from everywhere in the world, Victoria Jenna pays more attention to the design of dishes. All foods on Victoria Jenna are delicately designed by famous hotel food and beverage expert. The dishes on Victoria Jenna combine the features of Chinese and Western dishes together, can fully show the marrows of Chinese and Western diet culture. The breakfast and lunch on the ship are buffet, while the dinner is desk meal. If there is a special festival, the ship will prepare special menu. The Victoria Jenna will make foods based on different food preference and requirements of the passengers from different districts, and offer order service. The cocktail party and banquet which held by the captain will bring you special surprise.