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Meiya Travel

About MeiYa Travel

MeiyaTravel.com is the leading tour e-commerce platform in the west of China. Through sorting out tourism resources, we provide Tibet Tour, Three Gorges Cruises, Chongqing Tours and private small group tour packages of Tibet, Three Gorges and Chongqing. We also provide visitors with quick and convenient online reservation, 1 on 1 services and all-round guarantee.

What can we do?

Convenient Reservation: Complete reservation online.

Abundant Travel Product: Classic and Distinctive Tibet Tours, Three Gorges Cruises, Chongqing Tours and private small group tour packages

Multiple Payment Method: Credit Card Payment via PayPal, PayPal Online Payment, Western Union Money Transfer, Payment in Cash and Wire Transfer
Tailor-made Tour Package: Customized unique travel products meeting your needs.

Perfect Guarantee System: Qualification Guarantee, Product Guarantee, Price Guarantee, Quality Guarantee, Insurance Guarantee, Support Guarantee, Complaint Guarantee and Compensation Guarantee.

Why choose us?

Convenient Online Reservation

All-round online services make you browse products, select products and make reservation online.

1 on 1 Customer Service

Every customer of Meiya Travel will enjoy the home-like 1 on 1 customer service. No matter when and where you are and what problems you meet, you will be provided with our help once you contact us.

Call Center

It provides customers with powerful supports, better services and interactive experience.

Local and Professional Tourism Staff

We have a professional team of tourism staff with rich experiences.

Yangtze Cruise & Chongqing Tour

All the staff providing travel services for Yangtze Cruise and Chongqing Tour come from Three Gorges Area and Chongqing Municipality. We will present you real Three Gorges and Chongqing.

Tibet Tour

We have a branch office in Lhasa, Tibet. All staff of our branch office in Tibet have 7-8 years' experiences in Tibet Tour. Most of our tourist guides are local Tibetans. No one knows more about Tibet than our local Tibetan guide. They will lead you into real life and culture of Tibet during your tour in Tibet.

Eight Guarantee Systems

  • Qualification Guarantee: Legal and official travel agency at your services.
  • Product Guarantee: Every travel product is of clear itinerary and reasonable price.
  • Price Guarantee: Once you sign the travel contract and make payment to us, we will afford the occasional charges of traffic, hotel or entrance fee.
  • Quality Guarantee: Your own 24-hour customer service. Any issue during your trip will be handled as soon as possible.
  • Insurance Guarantee: 98% of travel products offer free travel accidental injury insurance.
  • Support Guarantee: You will get our guidance, coordination and help if your luggages or passports are lost. We will help you get medical treatment in time if you suffer from diseases. If accidents make your trip hard to continue, you will get necessary help from us.
  • Complaint Guarantee: We will comply with Complaint Handling System and solve it on the base of facts.
  • Compensation Guarantee: You will get compensation as soon as possible if your financial loss is caused by our fault.

Meiya StaffStaff in Tibetan Branch Office

                                           Meiya Staff                                                                                    Staff in Tibetan Branch Office