Attractions - Tibet, Three Gorges & Chongqing

  • Baguo City, the only ecological tourism old town of Chongqing, has many tourist attractions, such as Statue of General Ba Manzi, Ba Culture ...Read more >>

  • Barkhor Street, in the center of old Lhasa city, is a place combining religion, history, culture, ethnic handicrafts and Tibetan local ...Read more >>

  • Chongqing Black Valley, an Ecological Scenic Area, is called a Gene Bank because of its well-preserved natural resources. The sceneries of 4 ...Read more >>

  • Chongqing Grand Theater, situated on a headland above the Yangtze River, directly opposite the business district of the Chongqing ...Read more >>

  • Chongqing People's Grand Hall is a landmark of Chongqing. It presents the features of Chinese traditional architecture. And there are other ...Read more >>

  • Chongqing Wild Zoo introduced 430 rare animal species from Japan, Cuba, Tanzania, Netherland, Argentina, Singapore, Egypt, South Africa. ...Read more >>

  • Chongqing Zoo, located in the western suburb of Chongqing, exhibits many rare animals, such as Giant Panda, South China Tiger, Lesser Panda, ...Read more >>

  • Ciqikou, located on the bank of Jialing River of Chongqing, is an ancient town which has a long history of about 1000 years. Many Chinese ...Read more >>

  • Dachang Ancient Town, built in Jin Dynasty, has 1,700 years history. it remains the original customs and traditions. There are also many ...Read more >>

  • Dazu Grottoes, located in Dazu County, has unique features and art value in Buddhism carving, especially Sleeping Buddha and Thousand-hand ...Read more >>

Attractions - Tibet, Three Gorges & Chongqing