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Evaluation of President Prime Cruise

President Prime Cruise

Evaluation of President Prime Cruise – Largest and Newest Ten Thousand Tons Ship on Inland River

The President Prime Cruise is the new milestone of Three Gorges Deluxe Cruise which concerning on foreign affairs. It marked the start of Three Gorges ten thousand tons deluxe cruise ship. The total tonnage of the President Prime Cruise is 12000 tons. The ship size of President Prime has reached the maximum limitation of Three Gorges navigation. Ten thousand tons cruise ship will be more stable during navigation, and visitors on the ship will feel same as on land. The President Prime Cruise is equipped with security monitoring system, top grade fire fighting device and lifesaving facilities, and low carbon dioxide drain down system which completely cohere with Three Gorges navigation. All of these make the ship very comfortable and quiet. The President Prime Cruise also installed the most advance fresh air circulation system on the inland river cruise ship.

Evaluation of President Prime Cruise – Private Balcony, Deluxe Cabin

Every distinguished guest on the President Prime Cruise will enjoy private sightseeing balcony in the guest house. No matter how to choose, you will get good mood to enjoy a nice time during your Three Gorges tour. At the same time, every cabin and pubic area offer 3G internet, which make you can connect with the world at any time.

Evaluation of President Prime Cruise – Advance All-In-One Room Card Management System

Passengers on the President Prime Cruise do not need to bring the key of room like on some other Yangtze Cruises, which make your shore excursion more convenience. All consumption on the ship do not need to sign the bill, visitors only need to punch the room card. The system will record the bill, and visitors only need to pay the bill when check out. The all-in-one room card management system can offer more convenience service to passengers.

Evaluation of President Prime Cruise – Arrange Business Meeting

The banquet hall and multifunctional hall on the ship which can contain 400 persons to have dinner or hold meet are equipped with top grade stereo system and lighting effects, which will give the company held business meeting or annual meeting at here completely new feelings, and make your company have an unforgettable and special meeting travel. The delicate foods on the ship offer you different choices. On the President Prime Cruise, passengers can taste well-know Chinese dishes and delicate western foods. Passengers can enjoy VIP order service in the Rose Garden Dining Room, the professional cook on the ship will prepare top grade meal for you. In the cigar bar, you can enjoy high standard cigar and red wine, to enjoy your private space.

Evaluation of President Prime Cruise – Healthy Cruise Ship Vacation

The President Prime Cruise offers sports and health-care facilities for 24-hour, which make sports lovers can fully enjoy the tour. Of course, you also can relax yourself at the massage room, sauna room and beauty salon and so on. At night, the President Prime Cruise arranges singing and dancing performance party with rich content.