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Yangtze Cruise – Yellow Crane

Yellow Crane

Yangtze Cruise – Introduction of Yellow Crane

The Yellow Crane is one of five-star cruise of President Cruises. It becomes one of the best five-star Yangtze Cruise after it redecorated and updated in March, 2010. It is also one of the Yangtze Three Gorges Cruise which recommended to oversea tourists by National Tourism Bureau. The Yellow Crane is a five-star hotel on the river surface which full of European style.

Yangtze Cruise – Features of Yellow Crane

The interior decoration of the Yellow Crane was designed by American TEAM7 Company. The taste is elegant and succinct bright. . The wide and bright hall on the Yellow Crane can compare beauty with the hotels on land. The Yellow Crane is the only Yangtze Cruise which strictly separate the guest area fro the recreational area, which fully showed comfortable and warm atmosphere. The Yellow Crane used international advance host machine, engine and air-conditioner system, which have stable performance, low noise, safe, comfortable and some other characteristics. The Yellow Crane is equipped with satellite communication system, satellite television receiving system, wired television and stereo sound system. The omnibearing sightseeing platform and sunshine deck on the Yellow Crane can make visitor more directly feel the grand momentum, fantastic scene, and beauty of the Yangtze River and scenic spots along the Yangtze River. The classical line of the Yellow Crane along the Yangtze River Three Gorges include the tourism route between Yichang and Chongqing, including the four-day and three-night itinerary which starts from Chongqing, and the five-day and four-night itinerary which starts from Yichang. Both of them are very classical Yangtze Cruise route.

Yangtze Cruise – President Cruises

The Yellow Crane is belong to one of the largest fleet on the Yangtze River – President Cruise, The President Cruise fleet is proved by national Tourism Bureau and State Transportation Department, which can navigate through the Yangtze River Three Gorges. The President Cruise Fleet uses on land hotel management system, introduce advance hotel management belief from abroad, which is unique among Yangtze Cruises. The President Cruise fleet gets the favor of tourism companies and tourists both at home and in abroad for its standard service, stable tourists market. The President Cruise is recommended to oversea visitors by National Tourism Bureau as symbolic Yangtze Cruise.