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Yangtze Cruise – President Prime Cruise

The Banquet Hall on President Prime Cruise

Yangtze Cruise – Introduction of President Prime Cruise

The President Prime Cruise, which was put into operation in 2011, is the new milestone of Yangtze Cruise. It is the beginning of ten thousand tons Yangtze Cruise. The total tonnage of President Prime Cruise is 12000 tons, and the size of the ship has reached the maximum limitation of Three Gorges navigation. The ten thousand tons ship will be more stable during navigation, make you feel like on land. The President Prime Cruise is equipped with safe guarantee monitoring system, highest standard fire control and salvaging facilities and equipment. The President Prime Cruise completely coincides with the Yangtze Cruise low carbon dioxide drain-off system during navigation, very comfortable and quiet. The President Prime Cruise is also equipped with the most advance fresh air circulation environment protection system on the inland river ships.

Yangtze Cruise – Features of President Prime Cruise

The President Prime Cruise is the new generation super five-star Yangtze Cruise of President Cruise which broken through the traditional inland river hardware and service standard. The ship show the modern technique language which brought by modern function and western traditional cultural features which focus on European classical esthetic sentiment. The pubic area on the President Prime Cruise is well-equipped, with various contents. Except the symbolic hall, the distribution and decoration management of the dining hall and banquet facilities, high standard recreation, conference, leisure and sport facilities are full of features. The President Prime Cruise has Presidential Suite and Deluxe Suites, Deluxe Business Cabin, Deluxe Standard Cabin and some other cabin types. All cabins on the President Prime Cruise are equipped with satellite TV, satellite telephone, private bathroom with shower and bathtub, and the private balcony through which visitors can enjoy the grand and beautiful scenery of the Yangtze River at any time. The whole ship is equipped with air-conditioner system.

Yangtze Cruise – President Cruise

The President Prime Cruise is belong to one of the largest fleet on the Yangtze River – President Cruise, The President Cruise fleet is proved by national Tourism Bureau and State Transportation Department, which can navigate through the Yangtze River Three Gorges. The President Cruise Fleet uses on land hotel management system, introduce advance hotel management belief from abroad, which is unique among Yangtze Cruises. The President Cruise fleet gets the favor of tourism companies and tourists both at home and in abroad for its standard service, stable tourists market.