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Three Gorges Dam Comprehensive Benefits

Three Gorges Dam

Since the Three Gorges Reservoir put into operation under 156 meters water level, the working performance of every building in the Three Gorges Dam project are normal and stable. The flood control, power generation, navigation, water supply and ecology and some other giant Three Gorges Dam benefits started to fully perform.

Flood Control is Primary Benefit of Three Gorges Dam

Presently, the flood control capacity of Three Gorges Reservoir has reached 14.6 billion cubic meters, and started to play its flood retention and flood adjustment function. The flood control capacity of the Jinjiang River section which is on the middle stream of the Yangtze River has improved to one hundred-year flood from ten-year flood, the flood control system in the downstream of the Yangtze River has primarily formed. After Three Gorges Dam completed, there formed 22.1 billion cubic meters flood control capacity, which can guarantee the 23 million mu fields in Jianghan Plain and Donting Lake areas, and the 15 million people's life and property.

Large Amount of Clean Electricity is Beneficial

Since the first unit in Three Gorges Hydropower Station started to generate power in July 10th, 2003, the Three Gorges Hydropower Station has generated over 270 billion KWH electricity. Comparing with thermal power generation, it is equal to reduce 10 million tons carbon dioxide and 1 million tons sulfur dioxide. It effectively released the power shortage situation in Central China, East China, South China and other 8 relatively developed provinces. After the Three Gorges Hydropower Station completed, the whole power generation capacity of it is 30 percents of the whole power generation capacity of China.

Rapid Growth of Shipping Industry Promoted Economy Development

With the completion of Three Gorges Dam project, the increase of water level in Three Gorges Reservoir has effectively improved the 660 meters long waterway between Hubei Yichang and Chongqing, and the navigation condition of the middle and down stream of the Yangtze River in dry season. Ten thousands tons ships can directly reach Chongqing Port, which greatly improved the transportation capacity of the main stream of Yangtze River, and decreased the cost of transportation. In 2007, the goods amount which passed by Three Gorges Dam has reached 60.57 million tons (including 46.86 million tons goods passed by the ship locks), which greatly surpassed the 18 million tons goods transportation standard in 2003 before water impounding in Three Gorges Reservoir. The shipping industry in the Three Gorges Reservoir area is increasing based on 20 percents every year. The Yangtze River is worth the "Golden Waterway" reputation.

Ecology Benefits are Obvious

It is introduced that the effects of Three Gorges Dam on ecology are in the range of predication. The monitoring shows that the water substance of the main stream of Yangtze River is better than the third class water quality, and there was no epidemic situation in the reservoir area. The sediment amount to the reservoir greatly decreased, while the draining sands amount is more than its designed amount. The precious plants and animals are well protected.