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Three Gorges Dam Benefits

Three Gorges Dam

The power generation capacity of Three Gorges Hydropower Station has surpassed 100 billion KWH. Since the Three Gorges Dam reached water impounding, navigation and power generation three goals in 2003, the Three Gorges Dam benefits was primarily revealing.

Three Gorges Dam Benefits – Power Generation

The 14 machine sets in the left bank power station has put into operation, and the installed capacity reached 9,800,000 KW, which is the first one in China. Until March 31st, 2006, the total generation amount of the 14 machine sets in left bank power station has surpassed 100 billion KWH.

Three Gorges Dam Benefits – Navigation

Until the end of March, 2006, the bidirectional five stages ship locks of Three Gorges Project has worked 23463 times; 188, 000 ships, 8,886 million tons goods, 5,250,000 passengers ever passed through the ship locks.

Three Gorges Dam Benefits – Environmental Impact

The Three Gorges Project will give half cent of money to immigrants for each degree of electricity. Now, many immigrants have built up new houses on planned ground with the compensation which issued by government.

Until now, the Three Gorges Dam Area has completed 44.9 billions immigration compensation investment, 1120,000 immigrants relocation works, built 4245 square meters houses.

Three Gorges Dam Benefits – Tourism

The Three Gorges Dam was praised as national 4A class scenic area. The grand Three Gorges Dam has become important landscape in Three Gorges tour. It is reported that Three Gorges Dam Scenic Area had received over 210,000 visitors. Furthermore, there formed Shennong Stream, Lesser Three Gorges, Yellow Ox Rock and some other landscapes in Three Gorges area.

Three Gorges Dam Benefits - Industry

Secondary and tertiary industries have become new mainstay of the economy in Three Gorges Reservoir Area. In recent years, a series of famous enterprise have settled down in Three Gorges Reservoir Area. In the thousands miles long reservoir area, there are about hundreds famous enterprises.

Three Gorges Dam Benefits – Ecology

About 30 thousands Chinese sturgeon came back to Mother River after Three Gorges Dam built. The Chinese sturgeon is a kind of animal under international protection. It will oviposit along the Yangtze River to Jinsha River in summer and autumn is every year. But this feature of Chinese sturgeon changed due to the Three Gorges Dam.