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Chongqing Will Build 30 Museums to Store Historical Relics

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Chongqing Will Build 30 Museums to Store Valuables - Viewpoints about Building Museums

We should use every way of propaganda to make public feel the meaning and interest of historical relics. We should develop and use historical relics on the base of inheriting, to let the cultural relics make the life of public more colorful.

During the city construction, we only can combine protection and development together, to develop it while protecting, and to protect it in developing process. Then, we can realize the continuous utilization of cultural resources, and promote the city get better development.

Dazu Carvings, the White Crane Ridge Underwater Inscription Gallery, Hechuan Diaoyucheng … the deep historical and cultural deposit are glowing with dazzling light in China, even in the world after flicking away the dust of history. But how about the protection work did in Chongqing in recent years? How to develop and inherit the cultural relics?

From the Third National Survey on Cultural Relics, there found 26000 spots of historical relics in Chongqing, which greatly more than Beijing, Shanghai and Tianjin. In order to make the historical relics in Chongqing can get better protection, Chongqing will built more than 30 museums before 2015 to store these historical and cultural relics.

Chongqing Will Build 30 Museums to Store Historical Relics – Build Museums Group

It is introduced by Cheng Wuyan that there are 66 registered museums in Chongqing, and the number of museums in Chongqing will reach 100 in 2015, including the museums which run by local people.

We are preparing to form history, revolution, war of resistance, industry and nature five museum groups.

The first group is historical museums which regards Three Gorges Museum as dragon head. Most famous museums in the world are historical Museums.

The second group is revolution history museums, which regard Hongyan as the dragon head. Chongqing, as the capital of red culture, has many historical relics. Now, there are Song Qingling Residence Exhibition Hall, the main office of Xihua News and so on opening to public. The next step is to open the former residence of Liu Bocheng.

Chongqing has industry history deposit so that we are responsible to protect the industry history. In Europe, many visitors will go to visit the several production factories. Industry tourism also becomes a new tourism type in China. Except built industry museums, we will built some special factory history exhibition hall, like the Changan Factory and Chongqing Steel Factory

About natural scientific museums, except the long history Chongqing Natural Museum, we will build more thematic Museum. For example, Wulong can build a museum about geology.

The other one is to museum groups about war of resistance, which regard Chongqing China War of Resistance Historical Museum as the dragon head.

Chongqing Will Build 30 Museums to Store Historical Relics – White Crane Ridge and Diaoyucheng May be Listed as World Cultural Heritage

In this year, the state required to make a new list about applying for world cultural heritage. Chongqing submitted the White Crane Ridge Underwater Carving Gallery and Hechan Diaoyucheng. The materials about application have been submitted, and the result may be got in the end of this year.