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Three Gorges Dam Tour - Tanziling Park

Tanziling park

In the whole Three Gorges Dam scenic area, there are Tanziling Park, 185 Platform, 82 Platform and the River Closure Theme Park and some other scenic areas. When you have a Three Gorges Dam tour, you will have different feelings if you to view the Three Gorges Dam from different point. Among these scenic areas in Three Gorges Dam area, the Tanziling Park is the best point to view the whole scenery of Three Gorges Dam.

Three Gorges Dam Tour – Introduction of Tanziling Park

The Tanziling Park is the first series national 5A class scenic area, and scenic area earliest opened to public in Three Gorges Dam scenic area. It officially started to receive Chinese and oversea visitors since 1997. The name of Tanziling Park originated from the appearance the sightseeing platform on the top part looks like an upside down crock, hence the name. The site of Tanziling Park is the construction survey point of Three Gorges Dam. The altitude of the Tanziling Park is 262.48 meters, where is the best point to view the whole scene of Three Gorges Project. At there, you not only can enjoy the grand momentum and virility of Three Gorges Dam, but also can view the upright "the fourth gorge on the Yangtze River" bidirectional five class ship locks.

Three Gorges Dam Tour – Landscapes in Tanziling Park

The whole Tanziling Park can be divided into three floors from up to down with the increase of height. The main landscapes in Tanziling Park are model exhibition hall, ten thousands years' stone in the river bottom, the closure rock of the Yangtze River, the cornerstone of Three Gorges Dam site, silver sealed book and Tanziling sightseeing platform and so on. Among these landscapes, there are grand fountain, beautiful and graceful waterfall, wandering stream and green grassland distribute among them. Taking a broad view at here, there are static landscapes among dynamic landscape, while dynamic landscapes distribute among static landscapes. All of these will make you feel like staying in a wonderful paradise.