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Tips for Taking Three Gorges Cruise

Three Gorges Cruise

Tips for Taking Three Gorges Cruise – Ticket

The Three Gorges Cruise is praised as "moving hotel" on the Yangtze River. The Three Gorges Cruise just like a hotel. The rooms on Three Gorges Cruise almost are double standard room, and the four star standard hotel also equipped with deluxe standard room, deluxe suites and President Suites and some other deluxe room types. The ticket of Three Gorges Cruise is whole price, including fare, shore excursion, meals and so on, while excluding your private consumption and own expense attractions and so on.

Tips for Taking Three Gorges Cruise – Facilities and Service

The Three Gorges Cruise is equipped with central air-conditioner, wired television, telephone, acoustics, hall, Chinese dining hall, specialty restaurant, beauty salon, Majing room, game room, bar, indoor viewing platform, outdoor viewing platform and some other facilities. Except these, Three Gorges Cruise also has business center, satellite communication telephone. Three Gorges Cruise can provide the service of international post and telecommunications, exchange of foreign money, credit card service, laundry, shopping and so on. Three Gorges Cruise also arranges art troupe performance, Tai Chi Lessons and lectures about academic culture, folk customs and so on.

Tips for Taking Three Gorges Cruise – Activities

When you stay on Three Gorges Cruise to enjoy the new tourist way, you can quietly sit on the reclining chair to listen to dulcet music and breathe fresh air; you also can sit in sightseeing hall to have a cup of fragrant coffee and delicious dessert and ice cream, while enjoying the beautiful scenery outside the widow. You can take part in various designed competitions; talk with other, or freely performance your strong suit to get the praise of others. The activities on Three Gorges Cruise are rich. Except the shore excursion and sightseeing during your tour, there are many other activities are welcoming you.

Three Gorges Cruise is the reflection of your status and value. It will be a very pleasant tour to visit Three Gorges by taking Three Gorges Cruise.