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Three Gorges Cruise Advice

Yangtze Cruise

Besides the notes of Three Gorges Cruise, there is still some advice of Three Gorges Cruise that tourists need to pay attention to.

Three Gorges Cruise Advice – Health and Hairdressing

On Yangtze Cruise, there is beauty salon and little supermarket. Tourists need to pay the settlement when you finish Three Gorges Cruise tour.

Three Gorges Cruise Advice – Reading Room

Tourists can enjoy the attractions on Yangtze River but also enjoy reading books in the little library on board.

Three Gorges Cruise Advice – Photograph

The professional photographer can help tourists take photos of Three Gorges sceneries.

Three Gorges Cruise – Worship

On some Yangtze Cruise, the worship will be held personally such as President Yangtze Cruise.

Three Gorges Cruise – Safe Deposit Box

Tourists can put the personal stuffs in the safe deposit box which is offered in each room. Yangtze Cruise doesn't pay the responsibility for the stuffs which are not put in the safe deposit box.

Three Gorges Cruise – Destination

Three Gorges Cruise tour includes the famous destinations along Yangtze River such as White Emperor City, Three Gorges, Three Gorges Project and Fengdu Ghost City. The broadcast will notice the destinations on board.

Tourists should pay the tickets when you travel to the scenic spots.

Three Gorges Cruise Service – Guest Room

There are different types of guest rooms on Yangtze Cruise such as Deluxe Room, Standard Room, single room and president room.

Yangtze Cruise also provides the morning call for every tourist.

If tourists enjoy having dinner in your own room, you can book it at the reception desk.

And of course, the different types of bars are also offered on Yangtze Cruise. There are some wonderful programs held in night on Yangtze Cruise, too.

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