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Three Gorges Cruise Service – Health Service

Yangtze Cruise

Three Gorges Cruise still includes the health service, phone service, dinner service and other kinds of services. Known for the preeminent service on board, Yangtze Cruise becomes more popular during Three Gorges tour.

Three Gorges Cruise – Health Service

It is normally to have the personal Physical Therapy Room on Yangtze Cruise. Tourists are possible to call the doctors in 24 hours as well as buying some medicines there. The emergency patients will be sent to the nearest hospital when Yangtze Cruise pulls in to the shore.

Three Gorges Cruise – Phone Service

The GMS phone service is used through Three Gorges. It is unnecessary to worry about contacting with friends or families when you travel along Yangtze River.

At the same time, the latest satellite communications, HBO, CNN and internet and WIFI access on every ship.

Three Gorges Cruise – Spending Settlement

When you board the Yangtze Cruise, the room card will be send to you. All of the spending on board will be recorded on this card. You are kindly suggested to deal your spending when you leave.

There are many different kinds of pay ways you can choose as you wish such as dollar, pound, Euro, Canadian Dollar, Yen and Hong Kong dollar, besides the credit cards such as Visa, Master Card, Amex and domestic credit card. You are also possible to choose to pay by traveler's check and RMB.

Three Gorges Cruise Service – Yangtze Cruise Director

Tourists are welcome to inquire to Yangtze Cruise directors who are international multi-lingual cruise directors. Other staffs on board are also good at English.

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