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Three Gorges Cruise Service

Yangtze Cruise

Three Gorges cruise cruising on Yangtze River since it have started sailing the first time in 20 century. There are many different series of Yangtze Cruse such as Yangtze Victoria Cruise, Yangtze President Cruise, New Century Yangtze Cruise, and Three Kingdoms Yangtze Cruise.

Three Gorges Cruise Service – Room Service

The clothes washing service is provided in 24 hours at reasonable price. If you will travel in China over 10 days, the clothes are suggested to keep on board.

On board, the dry cleaning and wet cleaning are offered besides the darn service.

The dinning time on board abide by the timetable. If you want to enjoy the dinner alone, please ask your tour guide the director on board. Yangtze Victoria Cruise provides the captain's farewell banquet and send-off dinner.

And of course, the VIP service is also provided on board such as flowers, fruits and gifts.

Three Gorges Cruise Service - Check-in

All of the tourists are required to show the necessary certifications when you check-in.

Three Gorges Cruise Service – Baggage Service

Please paste the tips paper with your name on the baggage. And then your baggage will be accepted by the cube pusher. It will cost you 15RMB per box.

Three Gorges Cruise Service – Healthy Water Drinking

Yangtze River has lots of silts which can not been drinking without the dealing. Actually, most Three Gorges Cruise will supply the pure tap water when Yangtze Cruise pulls in to the shore. And then the water will be disinfected by advantaged facilities.

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