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Tips of Three Gorges Cruise

Yangtze Cruise

Tips of Three Gorges Cruise - Clothes

Yangtze River located in the Subtropical monsoon climate area in Northern latitude 30°. It features different temperatures in seasons. But actually, the cold days in Yangtze River basin lasts short. In January, the average temperature is almost above 5℃.

With getting warm of the earth, there is almost no frozen time along Yangtze River. Therefore the outdoor activities are not always influenced by the weather.

If you want to take Yangtze Cruise in Spring and Autumn, you are kindly suggested to take the sweaters, light jacket and waterproof clothes with hats. The average temperature is about 10-20℃.

In summer, the T-shirts and short shirts, sunhat and sunglasses are the most necessary stuffs as well as other skin care products. If we board Three Gorges Cruise from Chongqing, we should take the enough stuffs that used for strong sunlight due to the very hot weather in Chongqing.

In winter, we need to take the thick sweaters, warm jackets and waterproof coats with hat.

For the shoes, we should take the light sports shoes due to the geography and terrain in land. We always walk to the scenic spots after landing. And of course, tourists are possible to buy the things on the way to the scenic spots.

Tips of Three Gorges Cruise – Weather

Yangtze Cruise is particularly designed for the tourists who travel with Three Gorges Cruise in different seasons. Even when the weather condition is not as good as we wish, Yangtze Cruise also cruises along Yangtze River because of its unique design.

Tips of Three Gorges Cruise – Physical Requirement

Some of the scenic spots in land are small famous ancient towns, which has relatively poor. When Yangtze Cruise pulls in to the shore, tourists are kindly advised to walk. Some kinds of activities such as drift on water are tests to tourists.

Tips of Three Gorges Cruise – Public Health and Prevention

Some medicines for cold and stomachache are required to take before Three Gorges Cruise starts. Tourists are kindly suggested to drink the clean water on Yangtze Cruise.

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