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Necessary Stuff of Tibet Tour


Before our Tibet tour starts, we have to assure that we take enough necessary stuff. Wile we are traveling in Tibet, we are possible to get the high altitude sickness. Or other companions in your team are possible to get the high altitude sickness. We can help each other. So enough necessary stuff is better safe than sorry.

Necessary Stuff of Tibet Tour


ID Card, Tibet Travel Permit, pass port and Chinese Visa are the must-certification if we plan to travel to Tibet. Before we go to Tibet, tourists are highly suggested to inquiry the Tibet Tour agency since some areas of Tibet are still sensitive. There are two more certifications you need to take, border permit and Alien's Travel Permit.

2. backpack

The light and useful stuff are the best choice.


Due to the location Qing-Tibet Plateau, the temperature in Tibet is extremely different between day and night. Tourists are highly suggested to take the thick clothes but also T-shirt.

4.Skin Care Product

There is lots of sunshine in Tibet, thus tourists are suggested to take the skin care product whatever the season you choose to travel to Tibet.


Medicines are the most necessary stuff for tourists such as medicines for cold, medicines for stomachache, medicines for high altitude sickness and so on.


Tourists are kindly suggested to stop taking exercising 20 days in advance. Have enough sleep and keep relaxing.

7. Local Custom

Tourists are suggested to follow the advices of the local Tibet guide and respect the local regulations in Tibet.

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