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Advice of Three-Gorges Tribe Scenic Spot in Three Gorges Tour

Three-Gorges Tribe Scenic Spot

Tourists are possible to enjoy the attractions on Yangtze Rive with Yangtze Cruise together. There are many scenic spots such as White Emperor City, Fengdu Ghost City and Three Gorges Dam.

Advice of Three-Gorges Tribe Scenic Spot in Three Gorges Tour


Due to protect the natural environment in Three-Gorges Tribe Scenic Spot, the wild animal is prohibited to hunt. In Three-Gorges Tribe Scenic Spot, people are always feed the animals outside. Thus tourists are possible to eat the green food without pollution.

Because Three-Gorges situated along the river side, it features the dishes from the river. The fish in the river has much nutrition such as zinc and Se. There are full of different kind of fished. Tourists can have a taste according to your eating habits.

There is a kind of local flavor called Shanyangyu. What's more, another kind of local flavor is called Hezha.

In addition, people there also like eating steam tofu with many kinds of relish.

The little shrimp from the Yangtze River is the famous snack in Three-Gorges Tribe Scenic Spot.


There is a performance of wedding in Longjin Stream. It is characteristic of ancient customs and ceremony. The bride's face will be daubed black firstly. Then bride's families will cry while sending the bride. The process is very special and funny.

In Mingyue Pavilion, there is a performance of ancient instrument. In ancient times, only the Emperor can enjoy the performance. It is very magnificent and deluxe.

Folk Customs

Kirigami, is also called window flower in northern China but light flower in southern China. It is a kind of very common art during Chinese people's daily life. Before the invention of the paper, people began to make different types of flower with other materials. The history could date back to B.C 11 century.

Actually, people will cut the paper into different shapes such as tiger and rabbit. It becomes a very popular art work in the history.

This is from Meiyatravel.