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Scenic Spots in Three Gorges Tour – Three Gorges Tribe Scenic Spots

Yangtze River

Yangtze Cruise will sail through many scenic spots along Yangtze River such as White Emperor City, Three Gorges Dam, Mt. Wushan, Three Gorges and Fengdu Ghost City. There is a very famous attraction on Yangtze River, Three-Gorges Tribe Scenic Spot.

Stone Tablet Fortress in Three Gorges Tour

In May of 1943, Chongqing has been appointed as war capital. To protect Chongqing, about 15000 soldiers have joined the battle with Japanese. It has been called the battle of defending Stalingrad of Chongqing.

The Stone Tablet Fortress is a kind of memorial hall in Three Gorges area. It is a omnibus memorial hall.

The site of Stone Tablet Fortress located on the military relics of the battle of defending Stalingrad. It covers an area of 440 square meters. It consists of memorial hall, multimedia exhibition hall, graphic exhibition hall, and works hall. There are full of more than 200 rare works, and rare pictures.

Frog Spring in Three Gorges Tour

There is actually a big rock under the Dengying Gorge. It looks like a frog with big mouth. There is a spring behind the rock. The spring water is very cool but sweat. It is a kind of good water to make the tea. Thus, it becomes the famous Frog Spring.

There are many poems written by famous poets to praise the frog spring. And some of the poems are still possible to see on some rocks.

The Moon-Inviting Pavilion in Three Gorges Tour

Its name comes after the poem of Libai, one famous ancient Chinese poet of Tang dynasty, "hold upward wineglass to invite the bright moon". Putting one pot of wine with fragrant flavor in this high summer pavilion that overlooks the Bright-moon Bay below, and hold upward wineglass to invite the bright moon, what a miraculous scenery will it be. Under such circumstance, although it is not in the heaven, but feels very much like in it.

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