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Three-Gorges Tribe Scenery Spot Highlights in Three Gorges Tour

Three-Gorges Tribe Scenic Spot

Yangtze Cruise is the one of the highlights of Chongqing, it is also one of the highlights in Three Gorges Tour. When we take Yangtze Cruise on Yangtze River, we will see a lot of attractions, which the Three Gorges tour is the most famous. Besides Three-Gorges Tribe Scenery Spot attractions and Three-Gorges Tribe Scenery, there are some Three-Gorges Tribe Scenery Spot highlights.

The NO.1 Cave-shadow-play Cave in Three Gorges Tour

The Cave-shadow-play Cave is about 1500 meters long with magnificent landscape. The terrain inside changes a lot, for example, the colorful "music-stone" is the most fantastic. It composed of the color of black, white, yellow, grey and green. When we lightly hit on it, we will hear the sound like the gong and drum. There is also a underground river with 30 meters in depth with various of melodious sounds, which sometimes is very loud, sometimes it is very hardly to hear.

King Ba Palace in Three Gorges Tour

King Ba Palace consists of stones and soil, rocks and woods. It symbolized a history of a nationality and a tribe. There are full of ancient living tools and a lot of pristine villagers. People will hear the crowing of cocks and the barking of dogs, besides the ducks' and geese's. Tourists are possible to see the aicnet planting tools, and smole curls upwards on the house roof. The house inside is filled with fragrant tea flavor.

Boatman Performance in Three Gorges Tour

The leader of the boatmen will create the different types of songs according to the situation. If the river flows very quickly, there is a kind of song. If there is some danger in front of boatmen, the song will be different. However, the songs are very forceful and plain. You must be very deeply impressed by this ancient musical sound.

Longjin Stream in Three Gorges Tour

Longjin Steam situated in the Shipai Village. The water here is very clear and cool but sweet. It flows from the surface to the bottom.

There are many ancient songs singing praise of nature and forest. There are also some hanging houses near Longjin Stream.

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