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Wulong Impression in Three Gorges Tour

Wulong Impression

When we travel on Yangtze River with Yangtze Cruise to Wulong City, we will enjoy the landscapes besides the Wulong Impression performance.

At 20:30, on April 23rd, the large performance of Wulong impression will be performed in Wulong of Chongqing. It is taken charge by Zhang Yimou, who is the great film director of China.

This performance is mainly composed of the culture of a work song sung to synchronize movements, which could date back to ancient Chinese history. It will be held in the big canyon which is about 200 meters deep and shaped in the letter of "U". People will cross through the tunnel of 225 meters long to get to the canyon. There is full of natural landscape and cultural landscape. With the light equipments and sound equipments and other facilities, people will experience very unforgettable view in Wulong of Chongqing.

Wulong Impression performance features Chongqing people personality and folk customs succeeded from ancient Chinese history. There will be about 200 actors. They will surprise at people by their oral stunts and flexible body. While they are singing the local songs of Chongqing, they are acting such as boat tracker performance.

According the report, this performance has been planned for 8 years. Chongqing and Sichuan Province are the main birthplace of the art of a work song sung to synchronize movements. We hope to remind people to protect and succeed our traditional culture and history. Since Wulong becomes more and more popular in China, many tourists come to Wulong for travel. The art of a work song sung to synchronize movements will be accepted by more people.

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