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Three Gorges Scenery in Three Gorges Tour

Three-Gorges Tribe Scenery Spot

Yangjiaxi Drift in Three Gorges Tour

In Yichang City of Three Gorges tour, Yangjiaxi Drift is one of the famous attractions nearby Three-Gorges Tribe Scenery Spot.

Yangjiaxi is named from one of the later generations of Mt. Yangs who are the famous heroes in Song Dynasty. Yangjiaxi is a place where the later generations lived in. And now the mysterious Yangjiaxi Drift becomes important scenery spot in Three-Gorges Tribe Scenery Spot. It mainly features military water drift and it consists of static water drift. Tourists will wear the military clothes while singing military songs, which show the courage of ours. We will pass the dangerous shoal while surfing on the water. But we are also possible to enjoy the natural landscape on both sides slowly.

The NO.1 Stone Tablet along the Yangtze River

According to the history record, there is one huge stone which looks like a stone tablet on the south bank of Yangtze River

This stone tablet is 32 meters high and 12 meters in width. At the bottom of this stone tablet, it is 13 meters in width. It is 4300 ton in weight. It looks very magnificent from far away.

The No.1 Stone along Yangtze River

The shadow-play stone is called the No.1 stone along Yangtze River. The shadow-play stone consist of four stones, which look like four famous figures mentioned in the classic novels "journey to the west".

The famous one is called Shasheng Stone, which stands at the mountain peak of the steep cliffs. It looks like a huge mushroom from far away. It is more than 200 ton in weight. At the bottom of this stone, only the area of 200 square centimeters is acceptable. Each of square centimeters bears the weight of nearly half ton on in average, which rates as a wonder of the world.

The No.1 Moon Bay in Three Gorges Tour

When Yangtze River flows to Shibei and take a sudden turn on left, a huge crescent is formed. It is called the No.1 bar along Yangtze River.

When we take Yangtze Cruise or little boat cross the bay, the mountains on both sides seem block the Yangtze River. It looks like a very narrow pass. But when we march forward, the mountains will be retreated.

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