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Attractions of Three-Gorges Tribe Scenery Spot in Three Gorges Tour

Three-Gorge Tribe Scenery Spot

The same as the Yangtze Cruise, which is one of the best attractions along Yangtze River in Three Gorges tour, Three-Gorges Tribe Scenery Spot is also famous in Chongqing. Besides that, Three-Gorges Tribe consists of many amazing attractions such as the village on the water, the stream-side tribe and the mountain-top tribe.

Attractions of Three-Gorges Tribe Scenery Spot in Three Gorges Tour

Village on the water

At the concourse between the Longjin Stream and Yangtze River, a Village is located on the Water. With the green mountains covered by mist opposite to the water, this village looks like a beautiful landscape painting. Some sailboats anchored at the bank quietly. People here live from generation to generation live with the ancient life style and ancient customs, which attracts modern people from home and abroad.

For example, most of people here are making living by fishing. Most of young people succeed this kind of life style and still make live with this technology.

The Stream-Side Tribe

The Stream-Side tribe live face to the water and against to the mountains. They are surrounded by the dense forests and green grass. There are many hanging houses in the Stream-Side tribe village. Some ducks and dogs are quacking and barking, which sounds like saying welcome.

There are some big stone in front of the hanging houses. Some young women are washing clothes on the stone singing wonderful songs.

The Mountain-top Tribe

The hanging houses on the top of the mountain are called the modern architecture as "building with railing style". Due to the location of Three-Gorges Tribe Scenery Spot, the houses of Mountain-top tribe are mainly built according to the terrain. The hanging houses feature the lower at first but higher at end. There is a corridor at the side and a balcony at the back. The houses are always built for two or three floors.

Strangers are hardly to go out of this house without help of host's. Because all of the hanging houses are characteristic of special structure due to the different geography.

People here like nature but also live with nature. Not only the houses but also the ways of living are all based on the nature.

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