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Three Gorges Tour – Three-Gorges Tribe Scenic Spot

Three-Gorges Tribe Scenery Spot

There are many traditional hanging houses located at the river bank that faced to the water and back against the mountains. There are also many ancient sailboat not large Yangtze Cruise, and Wupeng Boat ((black-awning boat) lies at the anchor. The young girls are always washing the clothes in the stream while the fishermen are fishing on the water. All of which are the local customs since ancient times. People here are very hospitable and almost everyone is good at singing and dancing.

Fled away from the urban life and have a tea drink in this quiet town, tourists will be impressed by the landscapes and the life here.

Three Gorges Tour – Three-Gorges Tribe Scenery Spot Introduction

According to Yangtze River history, Three Gorges Tribe scenery Spot consists of the Ancient Village on the Water, the Brook-Side Village, and the Mountain Village. It located in the Xiling Gorge area, in the city of Yichang between Three Gorges Dam and Gezhou Dam, which covers an area of 14 square kilometers.

Three-Gorges Tribe Scenery Spot has many wonderful attractions such as Longjin Stream, the No. 4th spring, Yepo Mountain, Dengying Cave, Anti-Japanese War Memorial Hall, Ancient Stele Town and Military Drift Area.

What's more, young women here dance and sing as old sailboats moor placidly below stilt houses hidden in the bamboo grove. Maidens wash clothes by the brook side with their whirling wooden club, and fishermen cast their nets in the misty distance

For the charming natural landscape and fascinating cultural landscape, Three-Gorges Tribe Scenery Spot is famous in China.

Three Gorges Tour – Three-Gorges Tribe Scenery Spot Culture

With the impressive sceneries in Three-Gorges Tribe Scenery Spot, many famous poets since ancient times has written the articles here. When we read those poems, we feel like living in the ideal life.

Thus, more and more tourists from home and abroad come here following the heart to find the perfect and relaxing life. Just let the heart stay for a while far away from the urban life.

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