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Tips of Yangtze Cruise of Three Gorges Tour

Three Gorges Attraction

Besides the notes of Three Gorges tour, there are also some tips of Yangtze Cruise of Three Gorges tour. Take the Yangtze Cruise is the better chosen for Three Gorges tour.

Tips of Yangtze Cruise of Three Gorges Tour

Take the Yangtze Cruise during Three Gorges tour feel like take the 5-star hotel on the way. Yangtze Cruise especially Yangtze Victoria Cruise provides the preeminent equipment and standard service to tourists.

Tips on Yangtze Cruise

Tourists are suggested to know where the room is. There is a sketch map of emergency, and please read it carefully.

Tourists are suggested to know where the life jacket is and be familiar with the wear process.

We should be familiar with the schedule of Three Gorges tour and enjoy the attractions.

Find and familiar with the tour guide.

Enjoy the amusement on Yangtze Cruise.

Take care of our personal stuff such as passport.

Be familiar with the service tel.

Credit card and cash are available to use on Yangtze Cruise.

Tips of Attractions of Three Gorges Tour

When Yangtze Cruise flows through lesser Three Gorges and Shennong Stream, tourists are suggested to wear the life jacket for safety.

And when we have sightseeing on land, we should remember the Yangtze Cruise's name and the port. We should back to Yangtze Cruise on time.

In case you are hard to find the way back to Yangtze Cruise without common language, you are suggested to show your card to local people. (This card will be given to you when you leave Yangtze Cruise)

Tips of Recreational Activities on Yangtze Cruise

There are many performances for tourists on different types of Yangtze Cruise. For example, Yangtze Victoria Cruise privides Fashion Shows, Feature Films, Lectures and Tai Chi Chuan and so on.

And of course, Three Gorges tour has magnificent scenery along Yangtze River. Hence, tourists are also suggested to prepare for the cameras to enjoy the attractions.

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