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Tips of Three Gorges Tour

Three Gorges Tour

Besides the notes of Three Gorges tour on Yangtze River, we are also suggested to pay attention to the tips of Three Gorges tour. There are many tips as following we work for you.

Tips of Three Gorges Tour

Three Gorges tour includes Three Gorges attractions – Qutang Gorge, Wuxia Gorge and Xiling Gorge. All of which don't need the tickets. But the location we choose to sightseeing is important. Thus tourists are suggested to listen to the broadcast on Yangtze Cruise and the advice of guide's.

Some scenery spots are better have sightseeing by walking such as Fengdu Ghost City, Zhangfei Temple, Shibaozhai, Lesser Three Gorges, White Emperor City, Quyuan ancestral hall, Shennong Stream, Three Gorges Project, Yueyang Pavilion and Jingzhou Ancient Town. The attractions will be distributed to sightseeing according to upper stream of Yangtze Cruise or downstream of Yangtze Cruise. When you visit one of those scenery spots, please remember the time to board Yangtze Cruise.

Of course, tourists have to care about safety, especially we travel with children and olds. When Yangtze Cruise cruises along Yangtze River, kids are not suggested to play on the deck. Besides that, tourists' personal stuff are also suggested to take with themselves.

Attraction Tips of Three Gorges Tour

When we visit Fengdu Ghost City, we could choose to take the ropeway or not which depends on our needs at that time. If not, tourists are suggested to wear the light and comfortable shoes, because there are almost steps and slopes.

Tips before Three Gorges Tour

Due to the location of Three Gorges, Yangtze River weather is changeable. Therefore, tourists are suggested to take the umbrella. Better safe than sorry.

When we have sightseeing on Yangtze Cruise, the wind on Yangtze River is a little strong. In spring and autumn, we are suggested to wear the thin sweater or coat. In winter, Wear sunglasses and T-shirt in summer. Wear thick coat in witer.

In addition, we arranged some information as following.


According to personal needs, the casual clothes and relaxing clothes are suggested to wear.


Because we are suggested to visit scenery spots by walking, we are possible to walk a little long time. Thus the sneakers and lighter shoes are suggested.


It is a little hot when have Three Gorges tour in summer with lots of sunlight. Tourists are suggested to wear sunglasses, hats and sun cream and other personal stuff.

Spring and Autumn

Sweater, jacket and waterproof clothes with caps.


When Yangtze Cruise cruises on Yangtze River in winter, it is very cold. Tourists are suggested to wear the waterproof thick coat and cotton wadded jacket.

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