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Three Gorges Tour Advice – Attraction, Medicine

Three Gorges

Pay attention to the Three Gorges Tour advice is important for people when have sightseeing on Yangtze Cruise along Yangtze River. In Yangtze River history, there are many attractions preserved well which originated from ancient times such as White Emperor City.

Three Gorges Tour Advice – Attraction

Many attractions of Three Gorges need to be visit by walking. Yangtze Cruise will anchor on those scenery spots for some time. Thus people could visit the scenery spots on foot. There are many famous attractions such as Fengdu Ghost City, Zhangfei Temple, Shibaozhai, little Three Gorges, White Emperor City, Quyuan ancestral hall, Shennong Stream, Three Gorges Dam and so on. The attractions will be scheduled when Yangtze Cruise take upper stream and downstream.

Tourists are suggested to comply with the guide's advice and listen to the broadcast. Remember the destinations and the time of sailing. People should get back to the board before sailing.

Because most of the attractions in Three Gorges tour are possible to visit by walking, tourists are suggested to follow the tour guide.

If there are any children traveling with you, please take care of your own kids. Don't let them alone and play on the deck.

Three Gorges Tour Advice – Safety

Don't throw the cigarette end anywhere. When we disembark from the Yangtze Cruise, please keep the window and door closed. Take personal stuff with you when go outside.

Three Gorges Tour Advice – Medicine

Wherever we visit, we should take some medicines such as cold cure, medicines for stomach and band aid. Better safe than sorry.

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