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Attractions of Sword Gorge in Three Gorges Tour


Sword Gorge

Attractions of Sword Gorge in Three Gorges Tour – Geology

The Sword Gorge is also named Micang Gorge, opposite to the treasured book and sword. There is a grotto under the steep cliffs. When the wind blows, the dust seeps down along the pinholes of the rocks. It looks like cumulate food there. It is said that it was the rice store of Zhuge liang (the wise man good at the war during Three Kingdoms Period).

Sword Gorge is about 4 kilometers along. The Baituo River and little shoal located both sides. In 1978, there was a statue of Quyuan found in little shoal, which originated from Ming Dynasty. There is a saying that when Zhuge liang entered Sichuan Province, he left the sword and book of war in the steep cliffs in Three Gorges. And generates named Sword Gorges since then on.

On the June 3rd of 2003, the water level increased to 110 meters. And then the experts took the book out – the hanging coffin. There are some other cultural relics in it.

Attractions of Sword Gorge in Three Gorges Tour – Legend

The Sword Gorge situated between Xiang Stream and Xin Shoal with 4 kilometers long. There is a book of war hanging in the pinhole of the rocks. There is a sharp rock towards the down under the book. It looks like a sword. Thus when Yangtze Cruise pass through this gorge, tourists will be told by the tour guide it is named Sword Gorge, the full name of it is Treasured Book with Sword Gorge.

There are two legends of this gorge.

The first one is about Zhuge liang. It is said that when he got a terrible disease staying here, he couldn't give the war book to anyone else surrounded. So he found the steep cliffs and put the war book in it. He hoped the heroes and warriors could take it out one day after his death.

The other one is during Qin Dynasty. At the later Qin Dynasty, there is a person named Zhangliang. He worked for Liubei who was the Emperor Gaozu of Han Dynasty. He is a wise man and also good at fighting. The other hero Xiangyu was beat by him. Xiangyu fled to Wu River and killed himself there. After the death of Zhangliang, the war book was hidden in the steep cliffs.