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Sword Gorge of Three Gorges Tour





Sword Gorge

During Three Gorges tour, Yangtze Cruise is also one of the attractions on Yangtze River.

Sword Gorge Introduction of Three Gorges Tour

Sword Gorge's full name is "Treasured Book with Sword Gorge" and it situated in the west part of Xiling Gorge between Xiang Stream and Miao River. It named because of its shape. Actually, the treasured book is a kind of remains of the tomb, which lied in the rock gap. The treasured sword lies under it, which actually is a protuberant rock on the steep cliff.

Sword Gorge Attraction of Three Gorges Tour

Sword Gorge is also named Micang Gorge and situated between Miao River and Xiang Stream. It is 4 kilometers long. There is something shaped of a book in the rock gaps, which has named the treasured book of Zhuge liang (a wise man good at the war during Three Kingdoms Period).

There is a cuspate protuberant stuff under the treasured book, which pointed towards the river. This is called the treasured sword. And this gorges has been called Treasured Book with Swords Gorge.

Archeology of Sword Gorge of Three Gorges Tour

According to the archeology records, the treasured book is actually the remains of the tomb which lies at the mid-mountainside. Someone who takes the herbs found the tomb and take out some stuff in the tomb such as treasured book.

About the treasured sword, it is made of limestone when the land collapsed.

History of Sword Gorge of Three Gorges Tour

It is said that when Zhuge liang went into Sichuan Province, a book on the art of war and a treasured sword have been hidden in the steep cliffs. Many warriors have been there to find the book and sword.

Nowadays, when people take Yangtze Cruise ship along Yangtze River, the "book" and "sword" will be seen on the cliffs. It attracts many people from home and abroad.

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