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Nanjin Pass of Three Gorges Tour

Nanjin Pass

While Yangtze Cruise cruises along Yangtze River, the sceneries of Three Gorges tour are surprised at people from home and abroad. In Yangtze River history, Nanjin pass is one of the attractive places to visit with magnificent sceneries.

Nanjin Pass located at the east gate of Xiling Gorge, which is called the natural gate of the end of Three Gorges. When Yangtze River flows through Nanjin Pass, it enters the middle and lower plain of Yangtze River.

There is scenery spot named Xialaoxi in the north bank of Nanjin Pass. The name of Xialaoxi originated from Liubei who was one of the Emperors during Three Kingdoms Period. It is said that Liubei has been stationed here.

Nanjin Pass Introduction of Three Gorges Tour

Nanjin Pass situate in Yichang City with a coverage area of 108 square kilometers. The southeast part of Nanjin pass is 10 kilometers away from the downtown of Yichang City. The northwest of Nanjin Pass is 12 kilometers away from the Three Gorges Dam. It features the natural landscape and exploration.

When Yangtze River flows to Nanjin Pass, it forms the first large big canyon of China. Due to he unique location of Nanjin Pass, Nanjin Canyon has praised as the classic exploration route and the first canyon of Yangtze River and so on.

Nanjin Pass Scenery Introduction of Three Gorges Tour

Nanjin Pass is the origination of Three Gorges and it is the strategic pass of China since ancient times. Nanjin Pass Canyon is 18 kilometers long and 3-50 meters in wide. The walls on both sides are 100-250 meters high.

There are full of magnificent attractions such as waterfalls, dense forests, ancient pavilions, and ancient drill grounds.

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