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Yangtze River Weather – Yichang Climate


Yangtze River Weather – Yichang Introduction

There are many Yangtze Cruise ships between Chongqing and Yichang City. Yichang City is also called the city of hydropower of the world. It situates at south part of Hubei Province with distinguishing weather.

In Yangtze River history, Yichang is also one of the coastal cities along Yangtze River. Yichang City, also one of the top 40 scenic spots of China, it has rich tourism resource and economy. There are 747 scenic spots in Yichang City which 350 have been opened to public. Three Gorges Dam and Three Gorges folk custom scenic spot have been awarded as the 5-A standard by the State.

Yichang City features the magnificent natural landscape and cultural landscape.

There are other attractions in Yichang City such as Xiling Gorge, Jiuwan Stream, Baima Cave, Guchaoyin Cave, and Nanjinwan dangerous canyon.

Yangtze River Best Place to Visit Ⅴ – Yichang Port

Yichang City is aimed at building the navigation center in Three Gorges. It is also characteristic of the 100 million-ton port, the coastal port, and the golden waterway.

Yangtze River Weather – Yichang Climate

There is about 174.08 kilometers long between east part and west part. There is about 180.6 kilometers long between south part to north part of Yichang City.

There are different sceneries in seasons. The spring and autumn are a little bit longer in Yichang City.

The average rainfall of Yichang City is 992.1-1404.1mm. There is lots of rainfall in summer in Yichang City. In the whole year, the temperature is a little bit higher. The nonfrost period is a little bit longer in Yichang.

The average temperature of a year is 13.1-18℃ in Yichang City. The temperature will be lower in the relatively lower location.

In July, the average temperature is 24.1-28.8℃.

In January, the average temperature is about 1.7℃-6.5℃.

The highest temperature is 41.4℃.

The lowest temperature is -15.6℃.

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