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Yangtze River Weather – Shanghai Weather


Yangtze River Weather – Shanghai Introduction

Shanghai is one of China's most important industrial and cultural centers with a municipal population of more than 23 million people. Shanghai Municipality is named the "Paris of the East" but also the "Pearl of the Orient". The name of "Shanghai" was first used in 960 AD when the settlement was just a backwards fishing village on the East China Sea. In 1554, the town was surrounded by a city wall and a moat to protect it against Japanese pirates. When British troops stormed its undefended walls in 1842, Shanghai was still only a country town with little importance. Shanghai was opened in 1842 after the Opium War.

The Communist Party of China was founded here in 1921. The People's Liberation Army, led by the Communists, liberated Shanghai from foreign exploitation in 1949.

Yangtze River Weather – Shanghai Weather

Shanghai situated at the subtropical Monsoon climate zone with plenty of sunlight and lots of rainfall. Shanghai Climate is mild and humid. The highest temperature is 40.2℃ and the lowest temperature is -12.1℃. The spring and autumn are very short but the winter and summer are very long here.

Due to the location of Shanghai Municipality, Shanghai weather features warm spring and hot summer, cool autumn and cold winter.

The highest temperature of Shanghai always appears in July and August.

From the end of January to the beginning of February, Shanghai weather is very cold. There is little snow in Shanghai even in winter.

From March to May, many flowers blooms, thus this season is the best time to travel to Shanghai.

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