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Chongqing History Before Qing Dynasty

Chongqing History

Chongqing History Introduction

Chongqing, is one of the municipalities of China and it is also the center city of China. Chongqing is regarded as the economic center and financial center of upper reaches of Yangtze River.

Due to the economy growth, Yangtze Cruise of Chongqing improves navigation ability continuously. In Yangtze River history, there are many attractions long Yangtze River such as Three Gorges, Three Gorges Dam, White Emperor City, and Fengdu Ghost City.

Besides, Chongqing is one of the Yangtze River Best Place to Visit.

Chongqing History Before Qing Dynasty

Wushan People are the earliest human beings of China which have been found in Wushan County in Chongqing Municipality. Wushan people are regarded as living during early Paleolith Period.

The Paleolith Period could date back to 20-30 thousand years ago of Chinese history. During that time, the Tongliang Culture appeared.

In Xia-Shang Dynasty, Three Gorges area is the main place of salt producing. Because in ancient times, the salt is the important currency for business, the Ba State culture appeared in Wushan City.

In Pre-Qin Dynasty, the Ba State respectively established the capitals in Fuling District, Yuzhong District and Hechuan District.

In BC 689, Ba State fight with Chu State in Hubei Province but Ba State failed.

In BC 316, Ba State has been destroyed by Qin Dynasty. Qin Dynasty built the Jiangzhou City close to Chaotianmen port, which is regarded as the beginning of city construction of Chongqing. In later Qin Dynasty, Ba County was one of the 36 counties of China.

In Han Dynasty, Ba County was called Jiangzhou. In Wei Jin Southern and Northern Dynasties, Ba County was successively the area under administration of Jingzhou, Yizhou, Bazhou and Chuzhou.

In 581 the Sui Dynasty, Chuzhou was changed the name as Yuzhou. It is the origination of shortened form of Chongqing Municipality. Nowadays, Chongqing was called Yu for short.

In Song Dynasty, Yuzhou was changed into Gongzhou. In 1189, Gongzhou has been changed into Chongqing Fu (a government office). Since then, Chongqing got the name for more than 800 years.

In Yuan Dynasty, Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty, the name of Chongqing Fu has been used for the years. It was under the management of Sichuan Province.

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